Whisky Locker

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Tues - Sat: 11am - 6pm
  • Tues - Sat: 11am - 6pm
  • Sunday: 12pm - 5pm
  • CLOSED Monday

UNFORTUNATELY, CLOSED! Whisky Locker is a men's shop in San Diego's North Park. They feature a heritage, classic style with sturdy denim, good fitting tees and daily essentials. Stop in for a shot of whiskey, and leave with a new bad to the bone outfit.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

The converse of a fellow in a suit is the fella who flips his selvage denim one roll up — and that’s exactly who you’ll find at Whisky Locker. Leave those Cap-Toe Oxfords at the front door, because this is where Red Wings find their home, and where the only time a tie is mentioned is when a pair of boot laces are undone. Whisky Locker is a hangout, a spot to kick it, energize, and expand your closet’s thread count. And don’t try any of that 9-to-5 water cooler talk, because that’s for an office, and if that’s what you’re looking for, you a long way from Starbucks, homie.

Whisky Locker, noun: Closet in a naval base’s squad bay where cleaning supplies are kept.

Besides being a storage room, marines used the whiskey locker to chat and update each other during the roughness of bootcamp. It was also a place to hide booze and other contraband not permissible in their quarters. As San Diego is home to a vast naval base, Whisky Locker is an apt name; this small shop in San Diego’s North Park neighborhood offers a place to catch up and throw back a quick shot of whiskey.

in San Diego’s North Park, this shop is where the city’s badasses go for their version of a “work” uniform.

The brick-and-mortar offers a curated list of choice men’s brands. They feature a stacked catalog from Rogue Territory, including denim, hats, jackets, and shirts. They’ve got grooming essentials from Ember & Valor to keep the beard looking fresh and clean. Shop tees and gear from Seager Grit Company also make an appearance on the store’s racks. Follow their channels closely for pop-up brands, events, guest barbers, boot maintenance, and more.

The inside of the shop looks exactly how it should. It’s not large, but neither was the cleaning supplies room on the ships, and how perfect did those sound? It’s decked out with a custom motorcycle, a few racks and tables for their gear and products, and plenty of space to come kick back and enjoy a cold brew or a bold shot of whiskey.

Water coolers are for the office — this spot is for the rogue rambler on a mission for adventure, the man with calluses on the inside of his hand, ink on the skin. It’s for the guy who wouldn’t put a straw in his glass if it were the only way to drink it. This isn’t water cooler talk, it’s whisky locker banter, and in San Diego’s North Park, this shop is where the city’s badasses go for their version of a “work” uniform.


They’ve got a rad assortment of products from Rouge Territory

Check the shop Instagram for events

Make sure and take a bold swig of whiskey while galavanting through the shop

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