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Mon: 10am - 6pm
  • Mon: 10am - 6pm
  • Tues: Closed
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UNFORTUNATELY, CLOSED! ZB Savoy is on a mission to bring quality and authenticity to men’s style. This apparel and accessories shop is offering the finest products from a range of American brands in addition to manufacturing their own line of durable products.


BY: Christopher Blatner Contributing writer

You’ll find ZB Savoy situated inside a glass-walled alcove within “The Space”, a sharply curated retail hall at the James Coffee Co. building on India Street in Little Italy.

This masculine boutique is Americana amped up to 11. Picture a place your dad and your granddad before him would have stopped in to stock up on a gentleman’s essentials. Decorated with Old Glory herself, rustic wooden shelving, and vintage luggage repurposed into display tables, you can hear the faint echo of an early 20th century general store. They’ve keenly stocked hard and soft goods from some of the most rakish American brands like: Biltwell Helmets, Grifter Gloves, Yellow 108 hats, and others.

They’re putting a modern spin on vintage style by making pieces that convey a sartorial statement without being strange or extravagant.

ZB Savoy is firmly stamping its influence upon California style. But their influence runs much deeper than selecting quality-made products from other brands. ZB Savoy is hand-making their own line of leather goods, sturdy waxed canvas bags, and men’s fashion accessories right in San Diego.

Among their line of fashion accessories: bowties, neckties, pocket squares, and lapel pins, you’ll find mash-ups of colors, patterns and fabrics that you’re not likely to find anywhere else. They’re putting a modern spin on vintage style by making pieces that convey a sartorial statement without being strange or extravagant.

The hand-crafted billfolds, key fobs, and other leather goods are heritage quality pieces that can be used for years and then passed to the next generation and likely the next after that.

The waxed canvas bags are timeless classics; sturdy and able to withstand years of camping trips and or any other adventure you take them on. In another era you could have easily pictured Steve McQueen strapping a ZB weekender to his Triumph Desert Racer and peeling off into the California sand for his next exploit.

ZB Savoy is true American-made quality with a discerning eye for style. They exemplify the American entrepreneurial spirit and are dedicated to creating products that will mean something for years to come.


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