Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company

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Mon - Thurs: 4pm - 10pm
  • Mon - Thurs: 4pm - 10pm
  • Fri - Sat: 12pm - 12am
  • Sun: 12pm - 10pm

Our Mutual Friend Brewing is like going to your best friend’s house... that always has the best craft beer in the city, and vinyl spinning. Oh yeah, and all your other friends are always there too. OMFB is an award winning, beer slinging, hot spot in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

There is a friend we have in common. A Denver native with a colorful stroke. One to hand us some cold suds on a summer day, and a bold stout when the snow covers the sidewalk outside. Music spins in their digs, something vinyl — always a tune for the ages. But it’s not just our mutual friend, it’s your pal’s pal, your homie’s homie. An outpost that collects friends and turns first handshakes into bonded affiliations. Inside is a neighborhood jam that is a celebration of high times, Rocky Mountains, and Mile High brews. Stroll into Our Mutual Friend Brewing, and leave rich in friendship, with a belly full of golden teardrops, and a new favorite brewery to call home.

When snow falls, it becomes the friend in need to belly up at and grab something dark and malty.

OMF hasn’t met a color it doesn’t like, which is obvious from the loud wall out front. On a closer look, you’ll notice through the abstract palate of colors two figures reaching out for one another. Business is open, and they are collecting friendship applicants like Terrell Davis picked up Touchdowns. No discrimination here, as Denver locals pride themselves with positivity and acceptance.

Located in the Mecca of Denver’s happening neighborhood, River North Arts District (RiNo), OMF has become a heartbeat to the rhythm of the city’s good times, and a local’s favorite as the seasons change. On a warm afternoon, when Denver’s streets flood with day drinkers they crank up the garage door on the side wall and let their mile-high oxygen flow in. When snow falls, it becomes the friend in need to belly up at and grab something dark and malty.

Inside, the beer taps position themselves in front of a backdrop of black tile on white grout. Above the beer nozzles, wooden shelves hold an assortment of medals, books, and decorations — because this is your friend, and they want you to feel right at home when you’re a guest at their house. The bar top is cold metal, but with elbows on board, it stays warm with the overflow of delicious beer, curiosity, and reciprocal toasting, as glasses collide in cheer.

The beers offered on deck have been forged by place, creating relationships with Colorado hop and barley growers. In doing so, they pride them self on offering as many 100% Colorado beers as possible. In 2017 they continued their organic growth with a seven-barrel system, meeting demands on their beloved traditional styles and allowing them to Frankenstein some rarities, experimenting with diverse ingredients and collaborating with unique brewers.

Their logo is a firm handshake, a gentleman’s silent agreement for respect and comradeship. After a few brews from their taproom, you’ll be tapping your foot to the record spinning, and reaching out for every hand in sight, altogether, making one mutual friend after another.


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