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time Everyday: 7am - 7pm

Dayglow is a coffee drinker’s dream: a west coast, wine shop-esque multi-roaster destination where you can procure quality beans from around the world. Take a quick beat from the palm trees, boulevards, and picturesque highways to snag a bag (or three) of top-notch craft coffee.


BY: Andrew Williams Contributing writer

For the refined coffee-drinkers of the world, consuming caffeine is about more than the jolt. The experience comes in varying strengths, origins, flavors, and note — from the floral to the chocolatey, to the caramel, to the vegetal, and everything in between.

Whatever your poison, L.A.’s Dayglow is committed to being your “pusher” and conduit to a diverse world of coffee. Dayglow builds a loyal and happily caffeinated community of coffee lovers by introducing them to a meticulously curated selection of coffee brands, sourced from around the globe — from Rotterdam to Copenhagen, to Barcelona, to Paris, to Melbourne, to Boston, to Mexico City, and even Florida (yes, Florida).

The focus is on elevating “bright and beautiful coffee from the world’s most celebrated craft coffee roasters,” — most of which were roasted within the last 30 day, in the form cocktail-style coffee beverages. The program is meticulous, ranging from matcha shaken and strained, or espresso married with tonics and grapefruit peels (delicious if you’re wondering).

CYTIES loves anywhere that enables our habit and slakes our insatiable thirst for brew. Dayglow does it with a unique flair and an innovative multi-roaster marketplace model.

Owner Tohm Ifergan, who was born in Mexico and came of age in Chicago, conceived the idea and his affection for coffee during his travels. Infergan has introduced residents of the sun-soaked, surfboard-styling residents of the Golden State to something truly offbeat. Imagine a badass, west coast wine shop for coffee. Who wouldn’t keep coming back for more?

Dayglow offers patrons the opportunity to visit them in one of two Los Angeles locations (WeHO and Silverlake), where minimalist design and neon lights fuse with pristine white walls, patterns, and funky furniture, to procure a cup of coffee or pick up a batch of beans via one of four subscription services.

Subscriptions include the Casual (1 bag a month, if you want to dip your toe in); Moderate (2 bags a month, if you’re ready to level up); Fanatic (3 bags a month, if you want to get crazy); and Rareglow (a jar of their “most unique coffee” each month, for the adventurous drinkers).

At Dayglow, CYTIES’ ramblers can take a quick beat from the palm trees, picturesque highways, and buzzy boulevards to snatch up a bag of quality beans from around the world.

This is a coffee destination for the people, and we’re really really into it.