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Los Angeles

The House of Machines

The House of Machines is an all-encompassing bespoke motorcycle and apparel shop, drinkery, eatery, and live music venue bent on promoting good times and creativity, as well as a culinary [...]

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Bar Caló

Bar Calo offers an elegant space with a Mexican-inspired décor and menu. Best known for their mezcal drinks and modern Oaxacan food options, this laid-back space is the perfect place [...]

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Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping resides within Highland Park in Los Angeles -- the all-embracing, multifaceted system of daily and nightly happenings ranging from music venues, to off-kilter museums, chef-inspired restaurants and more. [...]

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Dry River Brewing

Dry River is a nirvana of new mindsets when it comes to brewing beer. The intimate tasting room — specializing in sours — is guided by a philosophy of the [...]

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Old Man Bar

Old Man Bar is a saloon parked on the backside of Hatchet Hall. Its secretive and mysterious identity make it a choice watering hole to grab a bespoke Old Fashioned [...]

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Sunset & Vinyl

This joint is a hidden bar and lounge dedicated to cocktails and the simple joy of listening to old school vinyl records. The interior is decked out with plush 70's [...]

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The Roger Room

The Roger Room is a hidden-away cocktail bar in West Hollywood serving up elaborate and delicious drinks. While it may be small and dimly lit, there’s an old school 1970s-vibe [...]

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Harvard & Stone

With an exposed factorylike atmosphere, this bar in Thai Town is your answer for an evening of inventive cocktails, jammin' live music & burlesque dancing, all under wide open dim [...]

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Modern Times Dankness Dojo

All hail the oasis of Modern Times Downtown Los Angeles pilot brewery, restaurant, and café. The Dankness Dojo features a full menu of plant-based cuisine; over 30 taps of our delicious [...]

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Melrose Umbrella Co.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles' Melrose shopping district, the Melrose Umbrella Co. brings a cocktail experience back to basics in a vintage setting where spirits rain supreme in [...]

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Jones Hollywood

Jones is an Italian, Rock 'n' Roll haunt, with great cocktails, delicious food that is located in the heart of Hollywood. Something about the vintage air inside has any visitor [...]

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Seven Grand Los Angeles

Stylish with hunting lodge decor, Seven Grand features one of the largest selection of premium whiskeys in the West, alongside hand-crafted cocktails, live music, and pool tables in the heart [...]

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Bar Jackalope

Bar Jackalope is hidden in the bellow of Seven Grand, and a secret sipping library. A treasure trove of where bottles of all kinds come together with comparative whiskey flights [...]

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The Varnish

Housed inside a refurbished storage room in Los Angeles’ oldest public house ( Coles Bar) The Varnish is an acclaimed dark and moody speakeasy featuring meticulously constructed cocktails made by [...]

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