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Bar Henry

Mon Thurs: 5pm - 1am
  • Mon Thurs: 5pm - 1am
  • Fri - Sat: 5pm - 2am
  • Sun: 5pm - 1am

Bar Henry is a craft cocktail bar and lounge residing in the center of Echo Park’s nightlife that offers up an impressive selection of spirits weaved into unique libations in a classy, yet unpretentious manner.


BY: Dakota Nate Contributing writer

Bar Henry is an even split between a contemporary neighborhood bar and a chic lounge which resembles a toned-down, cobalt version of Hugh Hefner’s study. With neon blazing over the arresting deep blue exterior inward to a library of liquor perfectly organized and polished just waiting to be enjoyed by the masses — betwixt brass accents and champagne cocktails, what gives Bar Henry its elemental edge is none other than the power of music.

As you do belly-up, you’ll notice Bar Henry’s stunning cocktail menu which features a variety of masterpieces ranging from the bold to the bubbly.

With that being said, as you saunter around to the back hallway, you’re greeted by a famous portrait of a very young, very stoic Nick Cave flipping the bird in a shirt that simply states, “Suck my d**k.” In your face, and somehow still tasteful, what’s edgier than that? Los Angeles DJ’s grace the floor with dynamic sets weekly at Bar Henry, and you can often catch a tune just walking by on the street as the windows are left open, which also aides in making the room feel less cagey on busier nights. What will keep you at Bar Henry for hours lies behind the underlit bartop which practically calls you in with a come hither draw.

As you do belly-up, you’ll notice Bar Henry’s stunning cocktail menu which features a variety of masterpieces ranging from the bold to the bubbly. The current selection was curated by powerhouse Cari Hah of Los Feliz favorite Big Bar — where Hah has earned numerous awards for her talents as a bartender and as the captain of an award-winning bar team. Flavorful diddies such as Robot Sex on the Beach — a semi-tropical concoction made with Jack Daniels Rye, Clement Mahina Coconut, Velvet Falernum, fresh pineapple and lime juices, and Bitterman’s Tiki Bitters. Say you’re not a cocktail guy, we understand, and we don’t know about you, CYTIES Traveler, but any bar top is a proper setting for the heavenly combination of a shot and a beer, especially when it’s encouraged. Bar Henry’s Especials de Enrique section of the menu, a small selection of premium boilermakers which includes a glorious shot of Suntory Toki Whiskey and a bottle of Kirin Ichiban for just $16, and nothing says love like Japanese whiskey. Zima also lives on the menu. For nostalgia’s sake, need we say more?

Side note, if you’re new to LA and haven’t quite found your circle yet, or maybe you just want to spend a night out by yourself during your stay in the city, Bar Henry is the spot. Your bartenders are sure to guide you through your beverage experience, and the open feel of the room creates an air of approachability. If there isn’t a seat left for you at the bar, take your cocktail to a cozy booth and admire the comfortable ambiance of the room. Bar Henry is open 365 nights a year with extended hours on the weekends, which is all the more reason to lace up your boots and get stepping down Sunset.


There is something about the way the light bounces off the back lit mirror that makes Bar Henry feel like an endless oasis

When setting your beloved cocktail down on the bar, be aware of the curved edges. Don’t look foolish on your first visit

Who doesn’t love green neon?

CYTIES cocktail recommendation:  Toki Whiskey and a bottle of Kirin Ichiban

“The final story, the final chapter of western man, I believe, lies in Los Angeles.” – Phil Ochs