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Bar Jackalope

time Everyday: 7pm - 2am

Bar Jackalope is hidden in the bellow of Seven Grand, and a secret sipping library. A treasure trove of where bottles of all kinds come together with comparative whiskey flights and education. With intimate seating for twelve, it makes for an exclusive experience while records spin  and oil lamps color the bartop.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

After losing yourself in the maze of a whiskey museum that is Seven Grand, you may find yourself diving headfirst into a rabbit hole that will take you to your own whiskey wonderland. Located in the back of Grand, you’ll find the mystical realm of Bar Jackalope. Like any place that is full of enchantment, access is not always easy to find, so look for a light switch button with instructions in both English and Japanese and hope for a smooth landing.

By the end of the night, you may be trying to pronounce the writing on old Japanese whiskey labels and searching for jackalopes of your very own.

Just as magical as its name, Bar Jackalope is a lounge modeled after the whiskey libraries of Japan, serving 120-plus varieties and offering a comfortable atmosphere for the true whiskey connoisseur. Bar Jackalope provides so many delicious options — we recommend all drinks neat — but if you prefer something else, you’ve got more than a few alternatives. If your feeling dangerous, we don’t object to ordering Lawyers Guns & Money, featuring Auchentoshan single malt that will have you begging for bail.

The Japanese culture is known for paying great attention to detail, which gave the bar owners some appealing guidelines to abide by. They worked hard to keep the essence of a real Japanese whiskey library; because of this, the bar accommodates only twelve seats inside and twelve on the outdoor cigar patio. Maintaining a relaxed environment, the setting remains dimly lit while playing Americana from a Coltrane record. For those who take their whiskey seriously, Bar Jackalope sells their bottles and rents out lockers in which to store your newfound collection.

Sometimes the greatest adventures in life find you, so dive in headfirst and ask the bartenders for recommendations. By the end of the night, you may be trying to pronounce the writing on old Japanese whiskey labels and searching for jackalopes of your very own.


Local? Join the Whiskey Locker Club and stash your own bottle at Jackalope to enjoy with each visit, with first come first serve access to the bar

Plan ahead for this one, as Jackalope has been known to only allow groups of four in at a time

Cigar patio access makes Jackalope’s experience even more exclusive to enjoy the finer things in life

Located in the back — look for the door with a dim light and ring the bell

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