Los Angeles

Melrose Umbrella Co.

time Everyday: 10am - 2am

Located in the heart of Los Angeles' Melrose shopping district, the Melrose Umbrella Co. brings a cocktail experience back to basics in a vintage setting where spirits rain supreme in every shaken and strained form. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

In the heart of Los Angeles, it’s a rarity to find an umbrella. There just isn’t much use for it amidst blue skies and palm trees. But at Melrose Umbrella Co., the umbrella is a prevailing symbol of celebration that continues as a gentle reminder of when the 18th amendment was lifted via ratification of the 21st amendment. The drops that fall from inside the canopied invention represent the promise of many “wet days to come.” Here, you praise the rebirth of America’s culinary contributions in the form of the mighty cocktail.

Though it’s widely known to not rain often over the city of Los Angeles, every evening in Melrose Umbrella Co., it profoundly pours.

Drinks here are prepared with innovative ingredients paying tribute to classics with a modern twist. And the symbolism of the umbrella extends beyond this cocktail clubhouse’s award-winning bartenders and seasonal cocktail lists. This is a sanctuary of chivalry, inviting you as not just a customer but more as a neighbor in a unique setting.

Inside are concrete walls lined with deep oak illuminated by a fireplace and Edison bulb chandeliers. It’s a step back in time, a second home, and unquestionably a place where the Lord Mayor of York James Melrose himself would spend an evening. Melrose was a prestigious nobleman who accessorized every outfit with an umbrella in hand. Look for old pictures of the grand old sport hung in reflections around the walls; James serves as a spirit guide here, as his silhouette is found in the signage.

If you need more of a reason to spend your entire day here, Melrose Umbrella Co. opens its doors for a pick-me-up early, serving coffee from 9 to 5 with free wifi. This provocative combination of caffeine and liquor will ease your transition from work to cocktail hour in no time. James Melrose lived to the ripe old age of 101, proving that a cocktail diet is good for the soul. Though it’s widely known to not rain often over the city of Los Angeles, every evening in Melrose Umbrella Co., it profoundly pours.


Cocktails are crafted with precision and perfection, let it rain!

Though the spirits are what we celebrate here, Umbrella Co. is open for coffee in the AM to knock off any dust from the night before

Don’t underestimate Umbrellas menu of bar fare, from Burgers to Mac & Cheese

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