Coava Coffee Roasters

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Each of Coava Coffee location is an industrial, woodsy-chic haunt, serving some of the best coffee drinks made from single origin beans. Coava is coffee for a soul who appreciates the details of any handmade craft. 


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

When you think of the American dream, you think of hard work and the idea of constructing something from nothing. You think of the stories of American innovators like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Harley Davidson all building their empires in their single-car garages. So when Matt Higgins decided to create Coava Coffee, there was no better place to start. In 2008, Higgins bootstrapped the company by fixing motorcycles in his garage. You couldn’t write a more badass beginning to this coffee chronicle.

Coava believes that coffee is community, so every drink is brewed to order

Coava, a Turkish word for green coffee, or un-roasted coffee, is a spot-on name for this bean-roasting mecca. Sourcing from all over the world, they have hand-picked coffee that reflects complexity, balance, and quality. Creating a bond with the hard-working individuals who cultivate these delicious beans, they always buy the entire harvest, don’t offer any blends, and name their coffees after the farmers who grow them.

Coava now has two locations, both of which are shared spaces, generating a community lifestyle where creative minds can come together, drink coffee, and inspire. Their Brew Bar location on Grand Avenue shares a 10,000-square-foot showroom with hardware design company, Bamboo Revolution. So while the large space might be big enough to practice kung-fu, for the sake of the hardware, we ask that you leave your Panda at home. The combination of the coffee shop and showroom gives the space an industrial feel. Inside, they’ve paired their concrete ceiling and floor with large-windowed garage doors and sleek bamboo tables.

Coava believes that coffee is community, so every drink is brewed to order. With the baristas making anywhere from 100 to 200 coffees a day, their customers become more than a transaction. They become part of a society, a congregation of devoted individuals who thrive on spiking their day with some of the best coffee from around the world.


Each location has it’s own personality, but stays true to the aesthetic that Coava is so damn good at

The subscription has the highest quality, freshly roasted single origin coffee shipped right to your door

Check here for Coava’s brewing methods and learn a thing or twoC

Coava’s motto: Northwest coffee roaster notoriously fueled by good folks and Led Zeppelin