Two Stroke Coffee Co.

time Mon - Sun: 7am - 6pm

Two Stroke Coffee Co. is a moto inspired cafe in Portland’s historic St. Johns neighborhood. Their reputation redlines with devotion to a lifestyle dedicated to two wheels and a strong cup of coffee. The two story space also offers curated gear for all types of riders through life. 


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

Trailblazers roam through the Pacific Northwest in search of freedom, wonder, and the open road. Tattoos run down arms in the form of an anchor, a portrait, or the first name of a sweetheart. Facial hair ruffles in the wind, and short sleeves fly up to the shoulders. Gasoline keeps them moving — octane for the machine and caffeine for the man. Whether you’re riding on a two stroke, four stroke, or in the carriage for the day, this Portland coffee shop welcomes you. And if you do happen to be on two, then Two Stroke Coffee Co. is definitely for you.

Not for the light hearted but crafted for light weight, scrappy as hell, and knows how to roar. This moto-inspired caffeine shop has enough internal combustion to light a campfire — no starter log needed. Located in northern Portland, they set up shop in the St. Johns hood, where their proximity makes them a choice spot to grab a cup before blazing through some of the PNW’s most fine-tuned routes.

 Your last words when leaving this coffee shop emporium will undoubtedly be “I’ll be back.”

Inside, they proudly serve cups of joe roasted by Portland’s own Water Avenue Coffee. Because when rolling through avenues and over the Willamette River, what roast could be better? Grab an espresso or a drip coffee or rev it up with a drink from their signature menu. For the weekend warriors, enjoy Kee’s loaded biscuits and gravy, served until the last piece of baked flower is rung up and ready to get chopped down.

The store’s interior is lined up with wood, brick, metal, and tile. The trim of the shop is moto-inspired, featuring bikes, gear, and apparel. If you’re not currently a two-wheel rider, it’ll make you second guess your garage’s main tenant. Sorry, four wheels, but you’re getting downsized.

The two-stroke engine is the Apache Indian drum of motorcycles — loud, raw, and badass. You hear them coming with fierceness, ambition, and intensity. The most raw and elemental member of their party, but classic in a Terminator 1 (don’t ever count it out) kind of way. Mix it all up with caffeine, and POWER just met its matchbox.  Your last words when leaving this coffee shop emporium will undoubtedly be “I’ll be back.”


The coffee roast in this moto cafe is Water Avenue Coffee, it will get your wheels spinning

Brunch is offered on Saturday and Sundays, so get up to speed on some Kee’s loaded biscuits

Two Stroke offers some kick ass gear and collectables. Check out the selection and grab something that catches your eye

Ideal spot to grab a cup before hitting Portland’s most scenic routes, ride safe gents