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Divine Theory

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Wed - Fri: 9:45am - 7pm
  • Wed - Fri: 9:45am - 7pm
  • Sat: 9am - 3pm

In San Diego the sun is shining, the waves are setting and somewhere out there, someone just ordered a California Burrito. And once you brush the sand off and make your way to SD’s North Park, there is a single chair barbershop waiting to shear a little off the top - this is Divine Theory.


BY: Ben Hitch Contributing writer

Just off University Ave and hidden amongst an increasing supply of breakfast options, lays a second-floor suite and home to Divine Theory. There is no signage out front and no indication that one of SD’s best barbershops hides past the top stair, so you best keep an eye out for 3930. 

Divine Theory is exactly what you want your barbershop to be and what you need it to be. It’s a single chair, a completely refurbished (by the man himself) 1920s Theo A Kochs to be exact. The walls are covered with painted skate decks, images of Traditional Americana Tattoos, and nestled right up next to the iconic red, white and blue barber pole is a large poster of the 1987 classic, La Bamba. It certainly beckons your attention, but beyond the movie, how about the pompadour Ritchie Valens, rocking with a guitar in hand? The homage to barber culture continues throughout the shop with vintage tools of the craft on display. The piece to look for is a retro set of clippers, framed and behind glass, that is seemingly in the midst of an autopsy. The bordering walls offer products from Hardworking Gentlemen, Moots, and Suavacito, which are for purchase and will highlight your fresh cut.

When booking appointments at other shops, you may tend to reserve with whom is available because you want the cut then and now and thus fall out of consistency with new hands snipping away your locks. But at Divine Theory, it’s one chair – one barber. Jaimito the Barber is going to remember your name, he’s going to remember your last cut and the occasion for why you found yourself in his chair. And if it’s your first cut, rest assured you’re in the best of hands. Jaimito’s passion is dedicated to barbering, skateboarding, and providing an unparalleled experience… and of course, your haircut.

When you walk into Divine Theory, know you’re going to leave looking better than when you entered, there’s going to be solid tunes from the turntable, and pending your mood or time of day, a Modelo or two in the icebox with your name on it. So whether you’re looking for a fresh cut, a little maintenance or some comical banter, Divine Theory is where you need to be. And don’t forget that Belly (Jaimito’s Frenchie) will require a hello and belly scratch before you’re allowed to sit down.


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