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Situated in the heart of the East Village is a place so playfully cognizant of its own peculiarity that it inspires you to leave your own personal hang ups and predispositions of what a typical trattoria should be at the door. If you’re yearning for cocktails and cured meats with an electric atmosphere fit for a Flintstone, well, we have 8 words for you.


BY: Dakota Nate Contributing writer

While often a contrasting hodgepodge of themes and decor can result in folly, in the case of J & Tony’s Discount Cured Meats and Negroni Warehouse, it appears that dinosaurs and disco balls just so happen to go together like apéritifs and prosciutto sandwiches. Without coming off as showy or ostentatious, J & Tony’s is wall to wall with whimsy and enough personality for all of San Diego. Expressed as a modern take on an aperitivo bar against a Southern California backdrop with a zany, nothing is sacred attitude, low light and great tunes balance out eccentric decor while seemingly transporting you to another dimension.

A concept from San Diego-based Consortium Holdings, the folks behind successful neighborhood haunts such as tiki-driven speakeasy False Idol and all-American steakhouse Born & Raised, J & Tony’s stands out in its own right. Bodega meets craft cocktail bar, cold cuts, and negronis at wholesale prices are just a facet of the spoils garnered once inside. In the morning, a cafe run by Modern Times coffee called The Invigatorium works in tandem with the bar program. A cozy outdoor patio that came as a result of acclimating to the ups and downs of the pandemic is kindred to alfresco Italian roots, and in the mild California air, is also the missing piece that J & Tony’s needed.

There is nothing cooler, not even California cool, than letting your freak flag fly with moxie and panache

Speaking of Italiano, it’s not all just fun and Negronis on the beverage menu. Long-standing classics such as the Americano and Garibaldi splash the page alongside specialty cocktails born and bred right behind their marble bar top. Their signature J & Tony’s Slush-A-Ronis come in a variety of flavors and are practically perfect for patio sipping, or imbibing at all for that matter. As for their namesake, you’re able to choose from Tony’s Negroni, Negroni Bianco, or for the crafty drinker, a build-your-own Negroni kit. Hand-cut ice gives each cocktail an extra touch of pizazz that yet again, brings tradition to the forefront. Deli sandwiches, canned fish, and elevated snacks galore are perfect accompaniments to their potable goodies. A small breakfast menu is also available that boasts items such as their not-so-Italian soyrizo egg scramble crunchwrap supreme, and a classic Italian sando topped with a fried egg. 

At the end of the day, if there is anything to be said about J & Tony’s, it’s that they know who they are and stick to it. There is nothing cooler, not even California cool, than letting your freak flag fly with moxie and panache. Open 7 days a week with happy hour specials and a revolving menu in tow, there’s no lack of possibility at the Discount Cured Meats and Negroni Warehouse. For a good time call 855-NEGRONI.