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Sound Cuts

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Tues - Fri: 10am - 7pm
  • Tues - Fri: 10am - 7pm
  • Sat: 9am - 5pm
  • Sun & Mon: Closed

Where Maseratis fill the parking lot, big hats surround the race track, and most have commas in their checking account, there is a red, white and blue pole swirling with invitation and marking an encampment of shears, Del Mar and into the chair—this is Sound Cuts


BY: Ben Hitch Contributing writer

The shop is laid out with the intent of conversation and shooting the shit. There are 5 chairs positioned at a right angle (3 and 2) along the left and far walls. Sound Cuts’ stalls are outfitted with custom workstations built from metal piping, providing a sturdy platform for the tools of the trade. And if you’re not looking at the token mirror, mirror on the wall then the waiting area is your eye candy. It’s certainly not filled with folding chairs; there is a Shaq sized couch positioned under a massive black and white American flag. Yeah sure, it rings the yuletide carol of ‘Merica, but there is something about the b&w coloring that emphasizes the stylish nature of Sound Cuts.

Sound – adj. \saünd\ : done thoroughly, free from error, free from flaw.

The crew is skilled with the shears and clippers while jokes are passed around the space. It’s an atmosphere that beckons your return and the complimentary beer and/or drinks acknowledge your RSVP’d yes to the Sound Cuts family. They welcome everyone into their shop while dedicating themselves to a flawless cut each and every time. And where it’s noted that some of the first barbers have been dated back to the Egyptians, beyond electricity and the sharpness of the blade, Sound Cuts is pushing through evolution with the advancements of digital tech offering a unique perspective of the final product. Tucked in the back corner of the shop is a photo studio set to shoot 360-degree angles of your fresh fade. The shot will add to both your portfolio and theirs, but just imagine the swipes you’ll get with a panoramic view as your hero image.

When the alert hits your calendar for your next cut, don’t fret if the Range is in the shop because Sound Cuts is everyone’s barbershop. This is a place to kick up your feet and let your fur fall to the ground at the hands of the masters’ blades. It’s a place where community drives their passion and where all can gather at any point during the day as if Friendsgiving is celebrated all year long. And where it might be recommended to call ahead or book online, Sound Cuts may be a place you hope there is a bit of a wait.

Keep in mind that looking fly from head to toe starts with a Sound Cut.

“In a way the philosopher and the barber are of the same guild; the barber cuts hair and the philosopher splits hairs.”  – José Ortega y Gasset


Del Mar not your scene? Sound Cuts has a second location in Encinitas

Schedule some extra time for some ping pong in the adjacent commons

The B in B138, means basement level. It’s a bit of a treasure hunt to find the shop

After your cut, head across The 5 and grab a pint at Viewpoint Brewery