San Francisco

The Mill

time Everyday: 7am - 9pm

The Mill is an open & airy coffee shop serving simple bites from a menu curated by Four Barrel Coffee & Josey Baker Bread, stop in for a bright and buzzing atmosphere. 


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

In an already enormously successful coffee market, The Mill aimed to stand out in San Francisco’s thriving scene. Knowing how easy good coffee already is to locate, their goal was to find a way to climb to the top of the powerful western conference coffee standings. The minds behind the scenes had to dig deep, they knew their roster was good, but it would take a free agent to elevate them passed the likes of any rivals. In June 2012, they came to an agreement with local Baker Jose Baker. Yes, a Baker named Baker, which would not only help them energize the community, but also feed them too. And just like that, a super team was formed, and we all know that the Bay area knows a thing or two about that.

The Mill is the place you go before, after, or during your daily grind, for your daily grind.

Located on Divisadero street, The Mill provides you with an early cup of coffee and delicious baked goods to help kick start your day. It’s also a great place to cycle up to, and let your spokes have a much-needed rest, while you chill inside and catch up on the likes of the San Francisco Chronicle. Also, catty-corner from Tanner Goods and Topo Designs — a few CYTIES staples — it never hurts to grab an extra spike of energy before you hit the refresh button on your seasonal wardrobe.

Whether you’re hungry or thirsty, this place is as consistent as a 3-point shot from number 30. We suggest you start with our Cyties favorite: A twelve ounce pour of the KIBINGO | KENYA–it’ll get the heart rate going and the brain moving. Follow that up by a piece of their freshly baked cinnamon-sugar toast and you’ll be soaring higher than that red bridge that all the tourists keep talking about.

Even in a powerful Western Conference, it’s impossible to sleep on The Mill. They aren’t the underdog in this race, they’re the shop that no other wants to be compared to. The Mill is more than just a factory used to grind Josey’s whole-grain flour every day, it’s more than perfectly ground coffee beans. The Mill is the place you go before, after, or during your daily grind, for your daily grind.


Let your spokes rest while you fuel up your body, this is a commuters stop

Pop into Tanner Goods right across the street

Bread by local baker, Jose BAKER (yes that is his last name)

Pizza night is every night. Stop in from 6pm-9pm for a delicious slice