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The Battery


Get a little old school with a stay at The Battery, an old-fashioned social club modernized to satisfy today’s greatest minds. With a stay in the luxurious rooms at The Battery, you’ll have access to the social club’s amenities like a spa, gym, restaurant, and multiple bars.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

Before there was social media, there were social clubs – exclusive spaces with lounges, workspace, restaurants, bars, gyms, and spas, all meant to bring the most interesting (and wealthy) minds together to connect and network face-to-face.

Social clubs have unfortunately fallen out of favor over the years, but one place is changing that.

The Battery may be one of the most exclusive social clubs in the U.S. but you can be among the few who can step through its halls and mingle with the best of the best.

San Francisco is a gold mine of the greatest minds in the United States. It’s the home of Silicon Valley, social movements, visual artists, writers, and musical geniuses, making it the perfect place for The Battery, a social club with a 14-suite luxury boutique hotel.

The Battery may be one of the most exclusive social clubs in the U.S. but you can be among the few who can step through its halls and mingle with the best of the best.

Before we get you too excited, let’s start with the hotel side. All rooms have hardwood floors and luxury furnishings with amenities like 60-inch HDTVs, Geneva sound systems, minibars with a full liquor selection, curated local snacks, free Wi-Fi, and bathrooms with large tubs and walk-in showers. With original art, sitting areas, balconies, and views of San Francisco’s Financial District or attractions like the Bay Bridge, you’re sure to get a top-notch stay that’s equivalent to any five-star accommodation.

But that’s not where your stay ends at The Battery. Set in a former marble warehouse and candy factory, the interior is opulent and exquisitely designed with the occasional quirk like bathrooms that depict the Seven Sins or a secret room filled with acoustic instruments hidden behind a bookcase and opened by touching a statue.

Staying here, you’ll have to accommodate to “club rules.” Computers and phones must be put away by 6 p.m. and talking about work is discouraged. Instead, the club encourages guests to talk about the arts, current affairs, wine, food, and new ideas. With a diverse membership of painters, philanthropists, lawyers, techies, actors, and singers, there’s plenty to speak about in places like the House Bar, the Musto Bar, or the outdoor Garden Bar.

Vistants can also enjoy lunch or dinner in The Living Room, or grab a workout in The Gym which has state-of-the-art equipment for cardio and curls (because we we know you’re not doing squats on vacation). Or they can rejuvenate and relax in the Spa with a private massage.

While San Francisco has plenty to see and do, we don’t blame you if you don’t want to leave The Battery for it has it all – your hotel room, a gym, dining options, and bars. Perhaps most importantly, it has interesting and invigorating people who will make you see things in new ways, and perhaps offer the opportunity to make new friends, the likes of which could flip your life upside down, catapulting you into an exciting new direction.


Let’s be real, there is no better place to recharge your internal batteries than a hotel called The Battery.

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