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Fellow Barber

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Traditional men's grooming parlors for classic looks paired with a polished atmosphere. Fellow Barber also offers a full range of expertly crafted, professional quality grooming products for use in the home.


BY: Sam Faktorow Contributing writer

When it comes to a man’s appearance, his face is of utmost importance. After all, it is the first thing people will notice when he walks into a room. Enter Fellow Barber, a modern barbershop for the classic man.

After the success of their first location in New York City in 2006, Fellow has expanded to four more NYC and two San Francisco locations in Mid-Market and the Mission District. An original pioneer of “contemporary barber culture” in 21st-century America, Fellow is sleek, sexy, and surprisingly affordable, offering numerous services for the 21st-century man without all the pretensions of a high-end hair salon. Sure, you’ll find an old-school red-and-white barber pole inside, but the leather chairs, pool tables, and warm white towels instill a sense of suave masculinity.

The next time you need to look your best, give the barbers at Fellow a call and let them style your face into something fresh, bold, and virile.

Menu offerings include an $18 beard trim, a $50 straight-razor shave, and $85 for a shave and a haircut. The hand-selected barbers are focused on effortless style and aesthetics. They see each client as an extension of their own craft, a unique man worthy of the best treatment possible. And after ten years of Fellow Barber’s excellent service, the diverse clientele keeps asking for more.

Fellow Barber offers their own line of grooming products available for purchase in each store and online, designed to fit the unique needs of many different men’s hair styles, textures, and cuts. The shaving products pair well with any type of wet shaving razor to help each man feel smooth and handsome even between treatments. All of Fellow Barber’s products are made in the USA and are both paraben and sulfate free. A few signature scent offerings include frankincense, galbanum, vetiver, sage, cypress, fennel, sandalwood, cedar, and guaiacwood.

Fellow Barber may be shiny and new, but it brings a time-old tradition to San Francisco. The next time you need to look your best, give the barbers at Fellow a call and let them style your face into something fresh, bold, and virile.


Scope out Fellow’s own quality grooming line, top notch essentials from styling cream to strong pomade

Hot Shaves, Trims, and Clean Up are all different service options

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Fellow Barber is a frontrunner in elevating the game for grooming today — these men and women are professionals with the blade.