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Taylor Stitch

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Taylor Stitch is inspired & Designed in California and has two locations in San Francisco. The shops offer men's shirting, outerwear, denim, and basics responsibly built for the long haul. Every man should have something Taylor Stitch hanging in the closet.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Inside Taylor Stitch’s location in the Mission, draped in the back of the industrially lit shop, there hangs a large U.S. flag. This is a visual statement that each item hung and neatly organized in the store is proudly domestically made in The Golden State.

The quiet creaks of the polished wood floor mixed with the presence of rolling ladders ignites a sense of nostalgia inside this warm and textured environment. This place is much more than just a store — it’s a dedicated fully functioning workshop. The walls are covered in endless wooden slots full of an array of button downs ranging from Chambrays in sun-bleached denim to Oxfords in army green or charcoal.

Taylor Stitch offers just that, pieces that will stay with you for generations that fit well and function simply.

If you want to make it custom, go old school and get measured up, then choose a color or print from the fabric desk that best uniforms your originality. The tailoring doesn’t stop with the shirts. Personalization goes from head to toe with San Francisco cut and sewn denim and made-to-order boots or shoes.

Be sure to glance through the array of limited-time-only products and essentials that range from ties to hats to backpacks all the way to basics and belts. If you’re seeking protection from the elements, vintage-inspired outerwear in the form of wool to waxed cotton is gallantly hung along metal pipes.

Our Cyties Pick-up? The Moto Jacket in Whiskey Steerhide made to age with you on all your travels. Taylor Stitch offers just that, pieces that will stay with you for generations that fit well and function simply. It offers a solid and effortless style that’s perfect for whether you’re meeting clients for coffee or hopping on a bike to meet for evening drinks.

In our busy lives, it’s nice to find a place where it feels like time slows down. And in this communal workshop, that feeling reflects the amount of time put into each and every single tailored stitch.


It’s all about fit here, so get to know the crew and get measured up for life

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