San Francisco

Sightglass Coffee

time MON - SUN 7am - 7pm

Sightglass Coffee is a third wave coffee shop in San Francisco. With several shops and a roastery, they are a caffeine leader in the Bay Area. Their dynamic spaces create an ideal environment to grab a cup and embrace San Francisco's unrivaled community.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

There’s a lot of reasons for men to visit San Francisco, though author of On The Road, Jack Kerouac probably said it best:

Get to San Francisco in defiance of your geography, your ancestry and the lonely change rattling sad excuses in your pocket. Fuel up on pie and diner coffee and mystic visions and the freedom of not knowing what’s coming next except that you’re burning the road to outrun it.

Sightglass Coffee wasn’t around when Kerouac lived, but we imagine that if it had been, it would be a spot for the likes of him. See, there’s a certain type of person that thrives when visiting the City by the Bay. They are biking across the Golden Gate, catching a live show, photographing the distinct architecture of San Francisco, and writing down words in the tradition of greats like Allen Ginsberg. This kind of person appreciates good coffee in a scene that inspires, educates, and frees them. Sight Glass Coffee is that place.

The dynamic space promotes creative thought and good conversation, with top roast coffee, sparkling cascara shrub, and nitro and vanilla cold brew.

With multiple locations in San Francisco, Sightglass Coffee’s flagship store on 7th Street is the most dynamic of the shops. Set in a warehouse that’s representative of the industrial district of SoMa, the 7th Street Flagship features open rafters and floor-to-ceiling windows that really draws the eye to the artistic aesthetic of the exposed coffee bar and roastery.

The dynamic space promotes creative thought and good conversation, with top roast coffee, sparkling cascara shrub, and nitro and vanilla cold brew. Such an inspiring and chill environment can mean packed seats, especially in the first-floor seating area. Instead, grab your coffee and head upstairs near the training lab, which offers educational labs by their baristas and public tastings. It’s the perfect place to people watch, think, taste, or create.

For something beyond basic coffee, check out the Affogato Bar. It partnered with the Portland ice cream shop, Salt & Straw, to provide customers with an interesting coffee experience of artisanal ice cream flavors in a single-origin espresso. We’re talking flavors like Hazelnuts & Plum and Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons.

Don’t worry about being limited in finding good coffee when exploring San Francisco as Sightglass Coffee offers four other locations. Studying the modern art at SFMOMA? No worries, there’s a Sightglass Coffee shop there. Grabbing something fresh at the Farmer’s Market? Sight Glass Coffee is on-site serving good brew on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Hitting up one of the bad ass taqueria’s in the Mission District?

No matter where you’re at in San Francisco, Sightless Coffee has got you.


Subscription service available online

Brew Guides on website offered to educate on Sightglass’s favorite brewing methods

The coffee is grown at a high altitude near the mountain town of Valparaizo Alto, Colombia.

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