Hungry Ghost Coffee Bar

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Hungry Ghost Coffee Bar is on a Brooklyn takeover. This caffeine emporium has taken NYC by storm, serving up Portland's Stumptown coffee, and the best espressos in New York. Stop by one of their seven locations scattered around Brooklyn and NYC to taste for yourself. Your energy levels will thank you. 


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

Giving people a caffeinated substance and then asking them to be quiet is much like dressing up as Beetlejuice on Halloween and then sitting at home and watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” When did it become the norm to treat coffee shops like a library? Barnes & Noble can’t be too far away, and somewhere between the whispering and Romance novels, there has to be an open table with your name typed in a serif font on it. But for those who relish in their foot tapping the floor to the beat of music, find solace in a room that you can’t hear yourself breathe in, and enjoy the conversation of lively spirits who share the same wall to bounce off of, Brooklyn’s Hungry Ghost Coffee Bar cries out for your presence.

they’ll suck you in like a Ghost Vacuum from Ghostbusters.

Inside their six coffee shops scattered around Brooklyn and Manhattan, the ghost squad hungers for the creation of the perfect espresso. It’s become an obsession, an undying craving for the perfect shot. A point of pride, yet a constant desire to strive beyond. It’s only good enough until the next, and so on. From their Stumptown roast to the boiler temp to the air inside the shop, it all matters here, no detail ignored, no factor unnoticed. Like an anxious chap proposing to his lady, nothing matters until you see the look on her face; then and only then shall you smile in acceptance.

A modern minimalist design with a coffee scoop of industrial, the shops are clean and lively, mainly whites and grays with hints of red brick and captivating artwork. With New York’s four distinct seasons, they’ll suck you in like a Ghost Vacuum from Ghostbusters. Through a winter blizzard or the humidity of August, there is no bad time for coffee, and never a bad time for people.

The shops inside hold a collective of individuals, feeding their souls with the perfect amount of coffee and pastries to remain in the realm of the sanity, community, and creativity — and not drift into whatever else is out there, through the walls, and into the wake of society. Hungry Ghosts, not accepting the fate of what the world defines us as, just creating our own destiny, one beautifully caffeinated shot at a time.


CYTIES recommendation: Their espresso is a MUST. By far one of the best we’ve had the pleasure of consuming

The shops implore you to fuel up on caffeine and communicate with the Hungry Ghost community

If your appetite creeps in, they’ve got breakfast and pastries. Grab a tasty bite, to compliment their bold coffee

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