Los Angeles

Bar Nine

Industrial-sleek coffee shop and roaster located in Culver City. Bar Nine is a modern expansive coffeehouse roasting its beans on-site & teaming its sought after brew with mouthwatering pastries. 


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

Bar Nine is what happens when brilliant people have remarkably cool ideas. We live in a time where “coffee nerd” is synonymous for badass, and the days of dumb jocks and ditzy blondes running your social circle have hopefully past – sorry, blondes.

The coffee gurus at Bar Nine have taken a complex subject and simplified it, making coffee easier so that you can just grab a seat and dive deeper into whatever creative project you’re working on. Let the minds behind the counter take care of the complexities; for example, when making espresso, what bar pressure should the water be pushed through at? Here’s a hint: You’ve already read the answer.

like a teenage boy hanging on his first crush’s every word, we are constantly finding ourselves more impressed with the shop’s every detail.

The 3,400-square-foot space in Culver City was designed by coffee geniuses for the people. And by people, we mean any man or woman who enjoys the sounds of rock n’ roll while they sip their brown magic, relishes the idea of drinking their cold brew in a mason jar, and digs the concept of a room packed with like-minded creatives. The shop is filled with plenty of seating in the form of patio space, bar stools, chairs, and bleachers – yes, jocks, bleachers. While the vibe produces a laid-back atmosphere, the air that circulates in the room is filled with originality and imagination.

Like a restaurant with an exposed kitchen, the coffee is all roasted in plain sight. The matte-black Probatone 12 series roaster sits regally towards the back of the room. It’s almost decoration in the form of hardware, as it is captivating and industrious at the same time. The shop also features an expanded bar with a modbar espresso-making machine, hiding all equipment under the counter and revealing only shiny metal taps for espressos, steam, and drip coffee.

It’s these reasons that made us fall so fast and so deeply for Bar Nine; like a teenage boy hanging on his first crush’s every word, we are constantly finding ourselves more impressed with the shop’s every detail. It’s the little things, like serving their to-go cups in glass jars, helping the environment by reducing the amount of disposable paper cups. Or the fact that they don’t accept tips, simplifying and speeding up your order.

The answer is 9. When making espresso, you push hot water through a compact puck of grounds at high pressure, usually around 9 bar. The answer to that bit of coffee knowledge finds itself in their logo. Resembling an element on the periodic table, B9 reminds us that for all the simple reasons we love coffee, we have a deep appreciation for the smart and complex reasons, too.

Either these coffee prodigies have tricked us into falling for them, or it was love at first sight. Either way, we’re changing our relationship status to “hooked” and preparing to hit you with an overload of photos all over our social media accounts.


Grab a seat on the bleachers and take in the creative vibes

Cold brew is must order, rocket fuel for the soul

Roasting takes place on site, try the house made hazelnut milk in any concoction

The shop specializes in sustainability as the space is partially solar-powered, and by using compostable packaging and serving coffee to-go in reusable glass jars