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Blue Bottle Coffee

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This trendy coffee chain has spread its wings in Los Angeles, with locations that span across the city for a top-notch java fix. To curve an appetite Blue Bottle offers an array of pastries and light fare as accompaniments in it's sleek and modern setting. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Art in many forms revolves around colors. Just examine Picasso’s Blue Period to feel the tremendous wave of emotion that was behind his somewhat overlooked era of artistic inspiration. Blue embodies a particular emotion, a depth of thought and feeling. It may not be the origin, but it makes complete sense to us that Blue Bottle Coffee is artistically named after the color. It’s the thought that coffee is given to us from the earth, but 90% of the planet is covered in the tranquility of blue. Without the blue, we, coffee, and Picasso himself are not. In this profound notion, coffee becomes art.

The blank canvas of this story was started in Oakland by a freelance musician and coffee lunatic. Blue Bottle opened its first door to people who were clamoring for the actual taste of sincere coffee. They collected to tell tales of Franz George Kolschitzky, who bravely crossed lines in the late 1600s to get a message to Polish troops after the Turkish army arrived in Vienna.

Blue Bottle has expressed its Blue Period to the City of Gold and left a very distinct signature like any artist would on a fine piece of work.

Kolschitzky undertook his missions disguised in Turkish uniform, and after a few suspenseful close calls, he was able to deem those missions a success. The Turks were repelled from the city, leaving sacks of beans. Kolschitzky took these bags along with his earnings of bravery and headed to Central Europe to open the area’s first coffee house, The Blue Bottle. 319 years later, the art of war and remarkable rise to triumph for Kolschitzky helped guide the brush strokes for the idea of today’s Blue Bottle.

Every artist has a studio. Here in Los Angeles is where the roasting for Blue Bottle occurs. In the Arts District, you can watch the machines sculpt the masterpiece while tumbling beans into bags that will make their way to cafes from Silverlake to Venice Beach.

Each café is a simple masterwork of minimalist completion. All locations reflect the specific neighborhood as a coffee art exhibit while adding its theme of polished wood, brick, and steel. The all include one focal point: the most sustainable and delicious coffee served to your fulfillment. Brewing equipment of all varieties is assembled for purchase so you can take it home to create a cup that might lead to your next imaginative inspiration.

From DTLA to Silver Lake to West Hollywood, Blue Bottle has expressed its Blue Period to the City of Gold and left a very distinct signature, like any artist would on a fine piece of work. If you can’t find one close in proximity, you can customize a subscription of Blends, Espresso, or single-origin assortments to be delivered right to your front door.

Coffee caters to creative artists who use it to bridge gaps of concentration. For Picasso, it was a fast shot of espresso. Andy Warhol was known to slowly sip a large mug while staring off through his notorious black oval frames. The people at Blue Bottle reflect creative expression, as the team is filled with coffee experts, writers, bakers, designers, and full-on dreamers. That energy felt in a vivid shade of bright blue, is found in each cup.


Blue Bottle has several locations, dial in the one closest to you with our main city map

Each location offers a sleek work space, as well as shelves of tools to release your inner coffee fix at home

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