Los Angeles

Civil Coffee

time Everyday: 7am - 5pm

Civil Coffee is a bright, airy cafe offering craft coffee, espresso, and pastries. Head in to fuel up while hitting the concrete in the radical neighborhood of Highland Park.


BY: Josh Mckeown Contributing writer

There is arguably one word that you as a modern gentleman strive to be defined as; Civil. The word itself is synonymous with other such terms as courteous, accommodating, and suave, yet can simply be defined as the ability to relate to the community you’re in with ease. A civil man feels no need to be arrogant or overstated, but instead, let’s his way of being do the speaking for him.

From their humble beginnings in 2012, serving coffee to the masses utilizing only a makeshift espresso cart and a pickup truck, to now, Civil Coffee has stuck true to the old adage that you are only as good as the coffee you provide. Everything else is just a bonus. This undeniable ethic and even more undeniable product has allowed the good people at Civil Coffee to stake out their own space in the now bustling Highland Park, dead-center between the hustle and grind of DTLA and the peace and beauty of Pasadena. If there’s one thing these people know, it’s ‘Location. Location. Location.’

Simply put, Civil Coffee has done what every great coffee shop strives to do; make you feel at home from the minute you enter to the moment you depart.

Within moments of entering Civil Coffee, you’ll find that this one-of-a-kind coffee provider has found a way to not only live up to their name but encapsulate the entirety of what it means to let your product do the speaking for you. Their options are straightforward and concise, allowing everyone from the most novice coffee newcomer to the most seasoned and refined café regular to feel thought of as they peruse the coffee options, both inventive and classic. With accents of exposed brick, marble, and tile, accentuated by vaulted ceilings and a glass-paned storefront, you’ll feel as though you’ve waltzed into a million-dollar LA loft with all the comforts of home.

Civil Coffee has taken great care to provide delicious dietary options to every walk of life. It is made apparent that the days of not having your way are well behind us as you get your pick of everything from their robust and silky oat-hemp cappuccino to their light, yet satisfying, Vegan Spelt Tostada.  On the adverse side of the spectrum, you won’t regret going with the house favorite, the classic Civil Breakfast Sandwich, complimented with the enticingly sinful “The Figueroa” (lovingly named after the historic avenue the café resides on) which includes cinnamon, sweetened condensed milk, espresso, and one maria cookie for your dipping pleasure.

Simply put, Civil Coffee has done what every great coffee shop strives to do; make you feel at home from the minute you enter to the moment you depart. They have cultivated an environment where you are priority #1 and you know it. Greeted at the counter with warm smiles and hot coffee, you are being welcomed into a culture and community that Civil Coffee has sworn to serve and cultivate, and they do not fail.


Civil Coffee serves some of our favorite roasts like Coava, Parlor, and Heart

CYTIES specialty recommendation: The Figueroa—sweetened condensed milk, espresso, milk cinnamon, served with a maria cookie

Grubbing? Avocado Toast or the breakfast sandwich for the win

Other recommendations in the area include: Gold Line or Good Housekeeping for a cocktail, and Homestate for breakfast tacos