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G&B Coffee

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In the mouth of the all mighty downtown food cave that is Grand Central Market, lies maybe the best coffee shop in LA's concrete jungle. G&B is an iconic caffeine machine, adding more than just a pep in the step to the men and women who circulate between buildings of what is quickly becoming one of the coolest places to live in the city of Angels. 


BY: Sam Faktorow Contributing writer

Deep within the tangled patchwork of downtown Los Angeles is the Grand Central Market, an open-air food and beverage emporium serving up the best local bites and drinks to Angelenos since 1917. A stop here will transport you on a culinary cruise around the world; food options range from street-style tacos to German sausages to traditional Chinese and more.

one of downtown’s hottest coffee spots due to its expanded menu, personalized service, and robust flavors.

At the front of the building, across the street from Angels Flight, is G&B Coffee, a charming counter dedicated to all things caffeinated. For the busy career man, a stop here while exploring the City of Angels is an absolute must. Part pop-up espresso bar, part wraparound porch, and all part cup-a-Joe, G&B is a delicious throwback to when life was simple yet energized.

What started in 2012 in LA’s Virgil Village has now transformed into one of downtown’s hottest coffee spots due to its expanded menu, personalized service, and robust flavors. Don’t just take our word for it — G&B Coffee has won several awards, including “Best New Coffee bar,” “Coffee bar of the Year,” “World’s Five Best Coffee bars,” “Best Coffeeshop in California,” and “United States Barista Champion.”

You will, of course, find your classic freshly brewed black coffee, spicy chai tea, and piping hot espresso, but unique options like their almond macadamia cappuccino and latte, fizzy hoppy tea, and turmeric almond mocha are what really keep coffee lovers interested and coming back.

Perhaps most appealing to the style-conscious man with an eye for his own aesthetic is the line of merchandise created by G&B. Hats, mugs, and t-shirts are all available for sale, so make sure to grab your own before sitting down over a hot cup of the good stuff. Park yourself on a metal bar stool and let the day drift by while enjoying some of the best people watching in the entire world. G&B Coffee was made for it.


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