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Go Get Em Tiger

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Go Get Em Tiger is an LA-based coffee phenomenon that has taken the city of Angels like David Bowie took the 1970s. If you're flying through this west coast city and in need of a caffeinated substance that will beam you up, look no further. 


BY: Josh McKeown Contributing writer

Take a moment to step back in time… back to a simpler time, back to your youth. Back to a moment in life when your sole focus was scoring that next goal, bagging that game-winning point. Your senses are embraced by the smell of freshly cut grass and a warm summer breeze. You feel a strong, guiding hand on your shoulder, followed by the only words of motivation you needed for that moment. The verbal shove to get you back in the game to give it all you’ve got once again; “go get em tiger.”

Fast forward to today, where you are now achieving goals in a different kind of world. Your field has been traded in for an office, your coach for a boss and your motivation to get your head in the game is now of the “black gold” variety. Enter the liquid manifestation of your childhood encouragement; Go Get Em Tiger.

In this mad scientist’s lab of coffee experimentation, the only thing you’re guaranteed is a cup of exactly what your mind and body craves.

Unlike most other local coffee shop transplants that originated in the Pacific Northwest before making their way down PCH, Go Get Em Tiger, otherwise known as GGET, is as much a homegrown LA local as the Hollywood sign itself. Before establishing it’s very first brick-and-mortar in the storied Larchmont Village, GGET was making a name for itself in the historic Grand Central Market under the umbrella of its sister site, G&B. Six short years later, GGET has branched out to wrap its arms around the Greater LA area with locations in up-and-coming Highland Park, trendy Los Feliz, and eclectic DTLA. No matter where you find yourself in this booming city, GGET has paved the way for great coffee to be found just around the corner.

With a shop layout that feels like more like a space station saloon, complete with floating astronaut wall art, you’ll be welcomed like family as you belly up to the coffee bar. Along with the standard cafe fare, GGET has also considered the undecided patron with curated coffee and tea flights such as the Business & Pleasure (espresso/tea/cappuccino) and the loaded Full Nelson (espresso/macchiato/cappuccino/shake). And if cow’s milk isn’t your thing, don’t sweat, they’ve got you covered with their signature, house-made almond macadamia milk.

In this mad scientist’s lab of coffee experimentation, the only thing you’re guaranteed is a cup of exactly what your mind and body craves. With strong evocations of nostalgia while keeping a constant eye to the future, Go Get Em Tiger has developed somewhat of a Disney-like religious experience, all packed neatly within the 5 minutes it takes to get your joe. Whether you’re headed to the office or to your kid’s soccer game, GGET has made it clear why they’re worth being the first thing you check off your list before tackling the day ahead. Come through, treat yourself to a Pan De Sal Breakfast Sandwich, wash it down with a Turmeric Latte, and then go get em tiger.


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