Los Angeles

Hi-Fi Espresso

time Everyday: 7am - 4pm

HiFi Espresso is the perfect stop on a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway. They serve Counter Culture Coffee and have a cool 1970s vibe.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

Road trips are a quintessential part of the growth of any gentleman. Jack Kerouac discovered this as he traipsed across the U.S. in a car with his friends and later wrote about it in his famous novel, On The Road. Kerouac recounts another trip along the Pacific Coast Highway in California in his book Dharma Bums. Today, there’s a cool little coffee shop called Hi-Fi Espresso in Hermosa Beach, just off the PCH, and if it had been around in the 50s, we’re sure it would have made its way into a Kerouac novel because it’s that kind of coffee shop where travelers, whether local or from afar, experience more than just caffeine.

Set in a small 600-foot shop, Hi-Fi is rocking a 1970s style reminiscent of vintage cinema, fashion, and vibes.

Hi-Fi Espresso was opened by a husband and wife duo in Hermosa Beach and it attracts people today for strong coffee and a stellar scene. Set in a small 600-foot shop, Hi-Fi is rocking a 1970s style reminiscent of vintage cinema, fashion, and vibes. The mostly-white interior is broken up by planted cacti, trendy art on the walls, and wooden shelves with items for sale. Even the name itself, “HiFi”, comes from the film Boogie Nights, which is set in the LA area in the 1970s.

When you stop at Hi-Fi Espresso along your road trip route or just on your way to work, you’ll have a vast selection of things to choose from. This shop proudly serves Counter Culture Coffee and implements sustainable practices with things like compostable cups, lids, utensils, and paper straws. Daily brews, cold brews, espresso, Americanos, Macchiatos, among many other brews are available to order. They serve August Uncommon Tea and organically-grown kombucha from Whalebird Kombucha. And because you need a bit of fuel for those long drives, they also have artisanal pastries from Bakers Kneaded like croissants, muffins, breads, and cookies.

For those who live in the area, it may be worth buying the $50 membership which offers customers one drink per day for a whole month. It’s a spot-on deal for anyone with a serious caffeine addiction for high quality coffee.

Whether you’re hitting the PCH on a road trip or just visiting The City of Angels for the weekend, roll into Hi-Fi Espresso. With a little caffeine in your system from a spot with a rad 1970s vibe, you just might discover a little something about yourself. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll write about your SoCal adventure in a novel of your very own, all sparked by a HiFi Espresso.



Coffee Roast: Counter Culture Coffee (and surprisingly, they are the sole supplier in the South Bay)

If you’re a frequent customer, make sure and grab the Member Gift Card. Totally worth it

They are a few short blocks from the beach. Grab an espresso before hitting the waves

Almost unbelievably, there is free parking in the back. Eldardos welcome