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Verve Coffee Roasters DTLA

time Everyday: 7am - 7pm

Wide open contemporary setting covered in fresh foliage serving raw juices, wheatgrass shots, shakes & some of the best coffee DTLA. Verve is a joint for a city dweller seeking vibrant refuge for a few hours. 


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

We dress ourselves each morning in clothes that reflect who we are, how we feel, or what we believe. Each piece of our ensemble comes together as a physical expression of our inner self. Like clothes, we believe coffee shops should be a physical representation of the neighborhood in which they occupy. Verve Coffee Roasters on Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles does just that.

Impeccably dressed men move throughout downtown Los Angeles, weaving between the Fashion District, business meetings, modern hotels, top-notch restaurants, and iconic skyscrapers of a city that breathes, creates, and inspires. Verve’s Spring Street café offers design, service, and coffee that fits DTLA and the men that make moves there.

Those with love for vintage will appreciate that Verve roasts by hand to get top quality and the exact consistency that is sometimes lost to automated technology.

Set in the Primrose Design building, which was once the home of L.A.’s City Club, Verve’s Spring Street coffee shop is clean, neat, and simple, with luxe details that speak to its stylish personality. The white marble walls that date to the 1900s shine brightly in the sun that cascades through the glass entrance. A front patio complemented by vertical gardens offers some green in the concrete downtown. Wooden benches of the communal tables are accented by braided denim, and there’s a heavy presence of pipe that brings together the industrial design.

Whether it’s an espresso, cappuccino, or kombucha, Verve provides its visitors with a variety of brews, pour-overs, and non-caffeinated drinks to enjoy during a break from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Those with love for vintage will appreciate that Verve roasts by hand to get top quality and the exact consistency that is sometimes lost to automated technology. A brew at Verve is better enjoyed with the knowledge that Verve has a Farmlevel Initiative in which the company, created by Ryan O’Donovan and Colby Barr, pay premium for quality coffee from farmers all around the world.

Verve’s Spring Street shop in DTLA offers good coffee in a chill place. The design isn’t overpowering to the senses, but classic with neat lines, like an outfit that brings together a high-quality white tee and black jeans. It’s a place that reminds you that sometimes, you don’t need anything extra, anything more to distract you from the simple joys in life, whether it be an outfit or a good cup of coffee.


Coffee Roast: Verve Coffee Roasters (no shit)

Wide open and airy, the perfect place to knock out some work or have a creative meet-up

If evening rolls around, head into Preux and Proper across the street for a cocktail and a bite

Don’t underestimate the teas, seasonal beverages, and fresh pressed juices

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