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Raised By Wolves is an opulently-decorated cocktail bar in a San Diego mall. Hidden behind a fireplace, it’s offering cocktail lovers a whole new drinking experience. We suggest getting a reservation before coming in to ensure a flawless evening.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

As Romulus and Remus stood on the banks of what would one day become the world’s greatest empire, Rome, they must have thought back to the early days of their life. Their childhood was filled with treachery, and they were sent floating down the river by their family to be saved from death. When a she-wolf came upon the brothers, she took mercy on them and saved them from doom. Her fur kept them warm from the cold air, her milk helped them to regain strength, and her scent sent waves of fierce protection coursing through their veins. It was the she-wolf’s compassion and protection that made it possible for Romulus and Remus to make the history books.

The brothers may never have imagined how their story and deeds would have impacted the world, or at the very least, inspired San Diego’s newest cocktail bar, Raised By Wolves.

if your pocket’s big and you enjoy the taste of vintage liquor, order the Vintage Old Fashioned, a $790 drink made with 1960’s Fitzgerald.

Raised By Wolves has a pretty odd location for a cocktail bar in the Westfield UTC mall. But Remus thought Romulus’ choice for Rome’s location was bad, too, and look how that turned out.

Decorated in a 19th century French Nouveau style, Raised By Wolves is opulent and grand with ornate cabinetry, fireplaces, golden stools, rich wood paneled walls, and a stunning ceiling gazebo centerpiece that changes light to mimic sunrises and sunsets. And it’s all hidden behind a secret fireplace passageway. Visitors must walk through the main store area that sells everything from bar supplies to bottles of liquor that range from $20 to $20,000, to get to the bar.

One visit and it’s clear why this cocktail bar is best enjoyed with a reservation. The design is enough to want to visit Raised By Wolves, but add drinks made with fresh ingredients, like the popular Island Old Fashioned, and you’ll never want to leave. Their cocktail menu has a variety of sections like drinks that are Cool and Refreshing, and others labeled Rich and Creamy, Boilermakers, Stirred and Direct, Punch, and cocktails on draft. There’s also wine and beer, and if your pocket’s big and you enjoy the taste of vintage liquor, order the Vintage Old Fashioned, a $790 drink made with 1960’s Fitzgerald.

As mentioned, Raised By Wolves doesn’t just want to take care of their guests like a wolf to her cubs, but also incorporates other ways to engage visitors. Check their site and social media for events like educational classes, pop-ups, and specialty guest bartenders.

Romulus and Remus were saved by a wolf, but eventually they grew up and grew strong. A quarrel left Remus dead and Romulus, grieving, and with a new city he called, Rome. Armed with the strength of that mother wolf, Romulus built Rome into a stronghold, defeated enemies, and eventually, passed from this earth, but not before being immortalized in Roman myths and history.

Raised By Wolves may just be a cocktail bar, but as Romulus and Remus built Rome, a wonder of its time, this bar has built a place that is a creative wonder in the cocktail scene. As Romulus and Remus’ story shows, to build an empire, it takes the strength of a wolf. Raised By Wolves definitely has it in them.


Reservations are suggested. Click here to reserve through OpenTable

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