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Sycamore Den

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Mon: 8pm-2am
  • Mon: 8pm-2am
  • Tues-Thurs: 5pm-2am
  • Fri-Sat: 4pm-2am
  • Sun: 3pm-2am

Sycamore Den is a retro, 70's style cocktail bar in San Diego. Come thirsting for a good time, and let the crew inside keep your fire lit with some of the best vices and craft beer that the city has to offer. The bar resides in Normal Heights, making it a fine retreat from downtown SD.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

It’s like a summer retreat in the woods, except it’s year around, there are no sleeping bags, and you can leave the bug spray at home. Okay, it’s nothing like your old summer vacation, but Sycamore Den does give you that rustic-lodge feeling mixed with an upright ’70s style. And the best part about this nighttime getaway: there’s no fear of running out of whiskey.

The bar remains dimly lit with amber lights, and there is no gas needed to light these lamps, if you catch our drift.

We like to think that if John Wayne and Johnny Cash decided to meet up for a drink, three things would have to be involved: guitars, shotguns, and, of course, whiskey. Offering an array of tasty creations, Sycamore Den specializes in whiskey and hand-crafted cocktails, and the folks here are ready to dish out some of the finest drinks on this side of the Pacific. You think you’ve tried it all? Try fixing those lips on The Ticket – made with Dickel whiskey, orchard peach, lemon, angostura bitters, and a hint of fresh tart. We guarantee this drink has got what it takes to light a campfire.

Besides congregating with your band of comrades, the best moment of a campfire is the sound of guitar strings, so if you can make it on a Thursday night, come ready to pair that whiskey with some live music.

Priced by the value of time, old banjos and rifles are displayed on the walls of this infamous saloon. The bar remains dimly lit with amber lights, and there is no gas needed to light these lamps, if you catch our drift. So next time you’re in search of a hideout, come by Sycamore Den to take a breather from the wild streets of downtown San Diego.


CYTIES cocktail recommendation: Whiskey lovers can’t go wrong with The Ticket

If the appetite strikes, order up a bowl of ramen from next door

Live jams on Thursday nights. Let the howlin’ from inside clean out those ear drums!

The rifles on the walls are for decoration. Don’t get any bright ideas, Billy The Kid