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It doesnt get more intoxicating than Canon's bottle adorned atmosphere. This snug bar is candle lit, serving the best aged spirits, fantastic cocktails and salivating bites, all in a vintage inspired space built to hypnotize any whiskey lover with it's vintage style. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

A cannon is a well-known weapon of masterful impact and a key tool in revolutions throughout history. In this case, the weapon is symbolic of the artillery this bar has chosen to defend what is the Western Hemisphere’s largest spirit collection, topping at a colossal 3,500 labels and always increasing. Boasting a collection of spirits both modern and classic, Canon on 12th Avenue is ranked as one of the world’s best bars, and its arsenal has rightfully earned this title.

If you’re feeling courageous, ask for the Shrouded Roulette

The snug setting replicates the age of when cannons existed in mass numbers — intricate crystal containers, phonograph record players, and vintage chandeliers come together under a metallic tiled ceiling. The antique cash register has easily been flipping bills since the days of top hats and wigs, and what comes next is worth every George Washington that enters it — the selection is simply marvelous. Flip through the captain’s list of 146 pages of spirits, with 118 of those being whiskies. This list stretches all they way back to Valley Forge whiskey from 1906, which seems fitting, because the men enlisted at the Valley Forge military camp in 1777 were surrounded by cannons.

After indulging in a rare breed straight up, fixate your full attention on the cocktail menu, which includes barrel-aged mixtures served in glass flasks that could be used to light a fuse if needed. If you’re feeling courageous, ask for the Shrouded Roulette, inform them of your choice spirit, and they will create a mystery bespoke cocktail customized to your preferred tastes. Canon has set the standard as one of the best, so aim your sights towards an open bar stool and make yourself comfortable.


Notice the bar top, it’s stained in Angostura bitters. How about that for detail?

Patio doors open Wed- Sat, only when the sun is shining so don’t sleep on it

Find your seat and stay, this bar has the honored award of “The World’s Best Spirits Selection”

Wait a minute… is that Pappy Van Winkle we see?

Rumor has it a CYTIES scout pin lurks within the bellows, can you find it?