The 11-year-old Knee High Stocking is a nondescript speakeasy/ Filipino-style comfort food destination in downtown Seattle that delivers on the flavor, sass and adventure — in classic Pacific Northwest style.

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Oooh la, la... this moody French-inspired cocktail haven has a tropical flair, making any visitor want to dance in the rain afterward. Welcome to the quaint, yet bold and spirited [...]

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Life on Mars

Capitol Hill in Seattle may be riddled with breweries galore, rough and tumble venue/bar hybrids, and trendy restaurants that encompass the diversity and individuality of Seattle, but in the middle [...]

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Deep Dive

Beneath the glowing larger-than-life-size terrariums at The Amazon Spheres rests a dark and mysterious dwelling that seems to invite you in with a sirens song. At Deep Dive, eclectic, small-scale [...]

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Cloudburst Brewing

Much more than a brewery, Cloudburst is a cumulus of community that gathers for sought after craft beers guided by creativity. The garage interior offers refuge from the outside antics, [...]

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No Anchor

Temporarily Closed! No Anchor is a Seattle beer bar that’s pushing the limits of what we know as beer. Try some of their domestic, international, and cocktail beers when you [...]

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Holy Mountain Brewery

Holy Mountain's taproom has twelve taps pouring their mastered and flavorful hop forward, barrel aged, and yeast driven ales and lagers. Pushing the boundaries of what it means to brew [...]

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Damn The Weather

Wood and brick collide in this polished haunt where adventure exists in every cocktail and plate. With a buzzing atmosphere at night, Damn The Weather is the ideal bar to [...]

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It doesnt get more intoxicating than Canon's bottle adorned atmosphere. This snug bar is candle lit, serving the best aged spirits, fantastic cocktails and salivating bites, all in a vintage [...]

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Percy’s & Co.

Percy's & Co infuses a handsome and comfortable atmosphere with apothecary inspired cocktails. The vintage-inspired surrounding is accented with polished woods and hanging greenery -- simply fresh to death. The [...]

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Westland Distillery / Cantilever Room

Westland Distillery is an American single malt whiskey distillery operating in SoDo. At the Cantilever Room, visitors can learn about the art and science behind Westland's American Single Malt Whiskey [...]

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