No Anchor

Mon - Thurs: 12- 11pm
  • Mon - Thurs: 12- 11pm
  • Friday: 12pm - 12am
  • Sat: 11am - 12am
  • Sun: 11am - 11am

Temporarily Closed! No Anchor is a Seattle beer bar that’s pushing the limits of what we know as beer. Try some of their domestic, international, and cocktail beers when you hit up Belltown. Not to mention, they have one of the most popular and accolade-laden menus in town.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

Some of us have thrown the anchor overboard and watched it fall hundreds of feet down through the murky water to settle on the bottom of the sea floor, thus halting our movement forward. While there’s some benefits to anchoring every once in a while, to do it too often, is perhaps to settle. That seems to be the gist of an amazing Seattle beer bar called No Anchor. They want to keep pushing past the boundaries of beer and food, so they’ve hoisted the anchor and they’re not letting it fall again.

We could all use a bit of a reminder to not let down our anchors.

No Anchor is set in the heart of Belltown, a hip spot where the best of the best bars and restaurants stay – and No Anchor fits right in. As the name implies, there’s a slight ship theme at No Anchor that appears in wood heavy décor and eclectic decorations. After a dark beer or two in their trendy stemmed glasses one could almost feel the sway of the sea… or maybe that’s the beer talking.

The bar is decked out in unique and traditional beers on tap served between 42 and 52 degrees. You’ll find somewhat traditional beers like Holy Mountain Mosaic Extra Pale Ale and the Blockhead 15 Fluffhead IPA. Then there’s the international beers like the Dugges Coffee Vanilla Black, a Swedish Stout, and To Ol Goliat Coffee Stout, a coffee stout that hales from Denmark.

The guys at No Anchor are pushing the limits of what you can do with beer. The owners are nationally-recognized cocktailians and they’ve managed to create some cocktail concoctions with beer that’ll delight any palate. We like the O.G. Special which features a shot of Gran Dad Bourbon and a can of German lager in a limited edition koozie and the Emerald City Cooler, a pineapple-infused amontillado sherry served on tap. For those who don’t do beer or prefer something stronger, there is wine and sipping spirits like tequila, bourbon, and mezcal available, too.

Any beer drinker knows that a drink without a snack just isn’t as satisfying, so we’re happy to share that No Anchor has a stellar food menu full of organic items like smoked & pickled mussels, shrimp rolls, corned duck breast, and pan-fried veal brain. There are options for vegetarian guys and plenty of deserts to put a little sweetness back in in your life.

We could all use a bit of a reminder to not let down our anchors. If you can do that at a bar like No Anchor with a stout in one hand and a delectable bite in the other, all the better.


Twenty draft brews are organized by categories like approachable, traditional, modern or esoteric.

Cocktails are even influenced by beers, many may contain hops or use beer-brewing techniques

Enjoy pairing your finely tuned grub to specific beer tastes, heightening flavors of all kinds

Get comfortable and use the beer chart to hone in on what works for you, remember, its called No Anchor because there are no limitations to any guest