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Oooh la, la... this moody French-inspired cocktail haven has a tropical flair, making any visitor want to dance in the rain afterward. Welcome to the quaint, yet bold and spirited Roquette.


BY: CYTIES Contributing writer

Say Bonjour to the atmosphere where overproof rums, exotic mezcals, and robust french spirits evolve into a crescendo of magnificence. Walking into Roquette you will see a mural of palm trees, smell freshly muddled ingredients, and hear the clank of shakers and stirring spoons, which makes it’s easy to feel like Owen Wilson from Midnight in Paris, “wooow”. 

This Belltown bar with a french theme is from Erik Hakkinen, widely known for his work at Zig Zag Cafe. It’s the kind of atmosphere that puts and keeps Seattle on the cocktail compass for the best drinks in the nation. Mai tai made with cognac anyone? The vibe was inspired by Hakkinen’s brief stint in Paris when he was in his 20s, with a whimsical twist of tropical flair, an ode to the French Territories overseas.

Perhaps the most alluring part of this setting is the quaint and unpretentious spirit that wafts through the air, you feel immediately drawn to the ease of its intention—which makes it instantly a CYTIES pick for drinks when in the PNW. In true French fashion, we say, “La nuit porte conseil” which translates to “the night brings advice.” Our advice? Go to Roquette for a night of antics in Seattle, you won’t regret it.