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The 11-year-old Knee High Stocking is a nondescript speakeasy/ Filipino-style comfort food destination in downtown Seattle that delivers on the flavor, sass and adventure — in classic Pacific Northwest style.


BY: Andrew Williams Contributing writer

Knee High Stocking, Co. — a dining and drink destination as sassy as its name. What do you get when you combine craft cocktails, a speakeasy atmosphere, and Filipino-American comfort food? Answer: a salivating and satisfying flavor journey in the heart of downtown Seattle.

There’s a theme emerging in CYTIES’ coverage of the American Northwest; establishments that fuse cozy, playful, and refinement are plentiful.

The 11-year-old Knee High’s dual deep navy clapboard entrance and concrete exterior evoke an urban wilderness vibe and the intimate interior is whimsical and lavish: kissing angels, black trim, ornate chandeliers, shadowy landscapes in golden frames, and damask wallpaper set the scene.

The minority, female and family-owned locale might just be your favorite new respite along the Pacific.

And all are welcome, as long as you adhere to their rules, which we gladly translate: Kindly speak — easy (use your inside voice before you get put outside); When bartenders say you’ve had enough, you have (savor not slosh. this isn’t a throwdown); We have nothing with Red Bull in it (pretty straightforward); Don’t bring anyone here you wouldn’t bring to grandma’s Sunday dinner (only bring housebroken friends); Please take phone calls outside (just put it on silent); No flash photography (mum’s the word); and Our craft cocktails can be labor-intensive — your patience is appreciated (you can’t rush art).

We believe rules are meant to be broken, except when they serve to maintain harmony, promote community and ensure everyone enjoys their experience. Put plainly, don’t be an ass; we’re all here to have a good time and drink and eat well.

We dig it.

Open Thursdays, 6-11 p.m. and Friday-Saturday, 6 p.m. – 12 a.m., reservations are encouraged, especially for groups of 6 or more, in their sit-down only digs.

Of course, the star of the show is the goods, which they deliver. Two of our favorites include Thai One On (Basil Infused Vodka, Allspice Dram, Lime — Balanced and Bright) and the Smokey Bandito (Mezcal, Pama, Ancho Reyes, Apricot, Lime — Stone Fruit, and Chile).

We also recommend the Thank You for Smoking (Johnnie Walker Black Whisky, Amaro Meletti, Amaro Cynar, Honey Simple, Cardamom Bitters, Cinnamon — Spirit Forward, and Herbal).

The drink profiles dabble in juicy, sweet, and spicy, lavender fields, tart and funky notes, and more. The menu is a salacious compliment to their Filipino food spread — traditionally known for its sweet, sour and salty flavors. It’s a mixture of small bites, rice bowls, sammies, sweets, spirited house shrubs, and non-alcoholic beverage offerings. And yes, there’s lumpia.

The finishing touch on this joint is their “newest food baby,” Jeepney Cap Hill, a walk-up window for take-out.

Our mouths are already watering thinking about visiting Knee High Stocking, Co.