Westland Distillery / Cantilever Room

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Westland Distillery is an American single malt whiskey distillery operating in SoDo. At the Cantilever Room, visitors can learn about the art and science behind Westland's American Single Malt Whiskey or simply sit back and enjoy the space with a dram, a cocktail and small plates of fine fare. Take a tour to understand why Seattle is the ideal place to produce exceptional American Single Malt Whiskey.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Westland Distillery is a must-visit destination when in SoDo district of Rain City. Washington state tops the list of new craft distilleries in the nation, so it’s natural to take some shelter from the misty Puget Sound and warm up your mind, body, and soul at Westland Distillery.

These casks are the promise to generations of great taste.

At the Cantilever Room, visitors can learn about the art and science behind Westland’s American Single Malt Whiskey or simply sit back and enjoy the open space with a preferred dram, a fine tuned cocktail list and small plates are offered to enhance the visit.  Enjoy what is perhaps America’s greatest single-malt, one that in our eyes rivals the rest of the globe. It’ll be clear from the first taste that these guys don’t mess around when it comes to understanding the layers of taste involved in your dram. Westland uses the natural ingredients of the Pacific Northwest to create sweetness on the tongue that carries to the back of your throat with ease. And the inside of this establishment complements the smoothness of the tastes. Walls lined in natural wood pallets celebrate the power of aging barrels, and red flags in the rafters bear the symbol of Westland: a spiraled pot still pipe turning into a northwest tree.

The Cantilever Room is bright and inviting leading into a hallway of casks holding the future of Westland’s soon to be sipped creations. These casks are the promise of generations of great taste in Seattle. Choose your favorite between the classic single malt, peated, or sherry wood. Everyone has an individual preference here, and the beauty is there isn’t a wrong selection.

Ask for a taste of the hand-poured rotating single cask selected by master distiller Matt Hofmann; this luxury is only for those who visit the distillery in person. Leave with a bottle and the mindset that Westland is a setting that represents something new and distinctly domestic.


Sip your favorite dram with a side of Seattle’s well known Beecher’s cheese and other small plates

Rotating cocktail flights are available as well as traditional whiskey tastings of our three core expressions.

Rain? Let the Single Malt warm you up on a misty Seattle evening

Walking distance to Safeco field and Century Link Field

Filson is a stones throw away, so visit after a dram that is sure to ease any purchase decisions