Cloudburst Brewing

Wed - Fri: 2pm - 10pm
  • Wed - Fri: 2pm - 10pm
  • Sat: 12pm - 10pm
  • Sun: 12pm - 8pm
  • Mon - Tues: Closed

Much more than a brewery, Cloudburst is a cumulus of community that gathers for sought after craft beers guided by creativity. The garage interior offers refuge from the outside antics, and serves as an escape into a downpour of brews. The next level draft list smoothly changes as often as the cloud coverage above the Emerald City itself. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

The spirit of Seattle can be unraveled within one of Alan Stone’s lyrics. “ The wind and the blinding rain, and somehow I maintain.” If you ask any true local of the city, the weather starts to become a part of you. It’s a balance; it’s how the landscape stays perhaps the most breathtaking in the nation. Once you grow to understand this, you embrace the cloud coverage. Sure, each season is a long haul, but that’s how environments like Cloudburst Brewing become so much more than a dwelling to quickly grab a drink and much more of a warmhearted shelter of gathering for like-minded individuals. This is Cloudburst, where the downpour of beer is happily welcomed, and paired with an atmosphere that helps maintain any Seattleite through the season of stratus outside its modest wooden door.

the beer comes in an infinite and variety of forms, crafted to keep you at a constant cruising cloud nine altitude.

Cloudburst is making a name for itself on the brewing scene with its high concepts of how a cold one can taste. The team offers the best-of-the-best when it comes to craft suds that will knock your wool socks off. Beers like the Thank U, Next —an IPA with Vic Secret, Mosaic, and Hallertua Blanc—is absolute hoppy bliss on the tongue. Or, order up the Ministry Of Truth, a Double Blackberry Stout that cascades (no pun intended) in flavor down the throat.

The beers on tap are much like the passing clouds of above, changing and moving at a smooth pace. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on what occurs from the Mash Tun to the Boil Kettel, you don’t. Just have a gander at the past and future beers list. Like we said, much like the Fractus above, the beer comes in an infinite and variety of forms, crafted to keep you at a constant cloud nine altitude.

The spectrum on the scale of creativity for brewing methods has never been more in-depth in PNW. But just like beer, it’s nice to always return to something familiar, something that feels comfortable. The belly of Cloudburst Brewing is just this. Wooden, welcoming, the garage like space is right next to the bustle of the coveted Pike Place Market, though inside you wouldn’t know it. Cloudburst is a familiar face in a city experiencing a lot of growth, the perfect compliment to the spaces high concept of brewing. The brewery is a refreshing cumulus of community, a place to unplug from the virtual corporate cloud.

We all search for something familiar. In fact, having something to return to whether it be a place like Cloudburst, is what propels forward into the unknown with confidence and security. So, here’s to drifting off and slipping into a content state of mind with a beer in hand at Cloudburst, and doing what every authority scorned us for—keeping our head in the clouds.


Fine! We tried to stay hush about it… ask for the “secret tap.” But do it casually, and don’t tell your pretend-know-it-all beer snob friend about it (we all have one)

Stay up on the events surrounding Cloudburst, it’s beer Utopia when the great minds of Seattle come together to drink

A TV is hung for games, it’s also an easy trek to the market for a bite before or after Cloudburst’s beer bliss

All dogs welcome, screaming children are not — leave the kiddos at home, 21+