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Beneath the glowing larger-than-life-size terrariums at The Amazon Spheres rests a dark and mysterious dwelling that seems to invite you in with a sirens song. At Deep Dive, eclectic, small-scale eats are served alongside a celestial bar program with nautical hints of the past and present bound to only hypnotize you further.


BY: Dakota Nate Contributing writer

Nestled smack-dab in the heart of Seattle sits an extravagant, ultra-aquatic lair beneath the verdure of the Pacific Northwest’s only indoor rainforest. The Spheres Discovery at The Understory, aka The Amazon Spheres, is a triad of fused domes within Amazon’s business center, serving as a lush workspace meant to spark creativity and productivity amongst employees. Complete with a rock waterfall, small ecosystems indigenous to exotic regions such as Borneo, a massive 60-foot vertical garden which weaves over 200 species of plants, and more zen space than one would even know what to do with. Beneath the rotunda of exotic flora that encompasses The Spheres, you don’t have to dive twenty-thousand leagues for a little seafaring.

The grand interior of Deep Dive looks somewhat similar to an extravagant submarine lair straight out of a James Bond film.

Deep Dive is a constituent of Sea Creatures — a hospitality group encompassing a string of nautical-themed bars and restaurants operating in Seattle and Los Angeles. Including properties such as The Whale Wins, Bateau, The Walrus and the Carpenter, Barnacle, and General Porpoise, each theme is executed brilliantly with maritime motifs injected throughout components of design and gastronomic goods — and we’re into it. The grand interior of Deep Dive looks somewhat similar to an extravagant submarine lair straight out of a James Bond film. Rich woods, blue velvet, and an aggregation of oceanic oddities that make parts of the lounge feel more like a small museum than anything.

Their lengthy, leatherbound bar menu put together by bar director Jermaine Whitehead, formerly of The Whale Wins, is so extensive that it requires a table of contents. Splashed with botanical illustrations adorning its pages in between a seemingly never-ending catalog of craft cocktails, spirits, beer, and wine, a civil union of classic cocktails, modern juggernauts, and signature originals from the mind of Whitehead himself compliment each other flawlessly. As far as the originals go, if you’re looking for something more reserved, but downright magical all the same, opt for a Basket Maker made with vodka, chai, vanilla, citrus, and topped with Champagne. On the bolder side of the coin, decide your fate with a Choose Your Own Adventure in hand, an incendiary mash-up of flavor Toki Japanese Whisky, spiced pear, white port, Amaro Averna, and Kümmel — a liqueur flavored with caraway seed, cumin, and fennel.

There is even a splash of excitement in there for all of you non-drinkers tucked away within in the “Libations” section of Deep Dive’s bar menu, featuring a list of non-alcoholic mocktails, all spun with Seedlip, the world’s first range of non-alcoholic spirits — which we were also stoked to discover is calorie and sugar-free. Classics like the Negroni and Manhattan take on a different buzz with Seedlip Grove 42 as a base spirit, which boasts zesty notes of citrus, and complex, yet uplifting undertones of spice.

As far as the eats go, oowee. The Seattle-based James Beard Award-winning chef Renee Erickson, a true virtuoso in the kitchen and co-owner of several of the Sea Creature properties shows off her casual, yet impeccable style with an artisanally crafted selection of refined treats. For instance, perhaps the most sought after item on Deep Dive’s menu, their take on the Seattle Dog — a beef hot dog topped with pickled jalapeños, pickled red onions, hazelnut smoked, grass-fed pure country ranch all whipped cream cheese, and drumroll please — pink salmon caviar that sits atop the stacked dog like pearls atop the ocean floor.

Although The Spheres are solely for Amazon employee use, and you can only really catch a glimpse inside on the Amazon HQ Tours or if you plan accordingly for one of their few open-house days, luckily, Deep Dive is open to the public nightly. “Smart dress” is encouraged, so this time leave the rain shell at home and opt for a look similar to the Wool Chore Coat from Vetra, and keep it all black to match the depths you’re diving into. No need to flounder about the next time you desire a little R&R in the comfort of a cozy bar in Seattle, ditch the anchor and head over to Deep Dive.


Rich woods, blue velvet, and an aggregation of oceanic oddities make parts of the lounge feel more like a secret aquatic agents hideaway—a perfect place to take your partner in crime 

The cocktail menu is a thing of beauty, scope it out here—don’t feel overwhelmed by the mixtures, ask the Captain (bartender) for guidance

Sink your teeth into the sought after creative take on the infamous cream cheese Seattle dog topped with pink salmon caviar

Cross off having a cocktail under a temperate rainforest of 40 different plants from 50 different countries off your life list