Damn The Weather

Mon - Wed: 11am - 11pm
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  • Sun: 11am - 11pm

Wood and brick collide in this polished haunt where adventure exists in every cocktail and plate. With a buzzing atmosphere at night, Damn The Weather is the ideal bar to spend an afternoon letting the the day slip into night — a true definition of hospitality that focuses on the details with style and precision.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

When the weather is damning, we seek shelter. If you’re a lucky soul, then you’ll stumble upon a dwelling that makes waiting out the elements seem far too easy. The kind of Seattle shelter where whiskey runs down a man’s throat like the trails of rain along the front windowpane. Within this sanctuary, the air comes alive with each creek of the floor, specifically where polished tile collides with wooden panels. This institution is real as rain clouds, and our forecast is dead on.

Shake the chill from the back of your neck and place your wet beaded hat on the bar — you’ve stumbled upon Damn the Weather. Once when you batten down with a cocktail and a dozen oysters during a Seattle dusk in this classic establishment, it’s hard to curse at anything in a condemning matter.

When the glass is just a skeleton of rocks, don’t be surprised if the rain outside has turned purple.

Former barman and member of the band Fleet Foxes Bryn Lumsden chain-linked his talents with well-known cocktail captain and film critic Jay Kuhmar. Then came along Eli Dahlin, who played with fire in the notorious kitchen of Walrus & the Carpenter. Special dishes like ramen, gumbo, and succotash are known to headline a night. Keep a weathered eye open to end a hunger strike that Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, or any other members of the Flannel Years would give a stoic nod of approval.

Adventure creeps into every part of this haunt, from the craft cocktails to the audacious kitchen. At the bar, Jay holds a high belief in spirits as they are naturally, so to start, he recommends a pure pour to light up your intellect, then move on to the cocktail list so you can fully appreciate what’s in front of you.

Choose libations in Tall & Fizzy, Short & Fresh, or Boozy & Evocative forms. Try a classic Tipperary Cocktail for an easy jig of Irish whiskey, sweet vermouth, and Green Chartreuse. For something that hits a bit deeper, ask for the Raspberry Beret with Gin, Byrrh, raspberry, lemon, and Fernet Branca. When the glass is just a skeleton of rocks, don’t be surprised if the rain outside has turned purple.

Pair your beverage with some knobby Hamma Hammas, duck fat fries, and a good book from Globe Bookstore a few doors down and you’ve officially found your defense for the unpredictable power of mother nature. It’s just a matter of time before moments like relaxing for a savory sip during daytime reads or overindulging in the menu for an evening bite start to stack up like the battered bricks that line the walls.



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