MiiR Flagship

Mon - Fri: 7am - 9pm
  • Mon - Fri: 7am - 9pm
  • Sat: 8am - 9pm
  • Sun: 8am - 8pm

MiiR's Seattle flagship is a clean, minimalist outpost featuring coffee, craft brews & and gear catered to cyclists and travelers who navigate through life striving to do more for the environment they take on. Stock up on essentials and even customize your gear while becoming a MiiR advocate yourself.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

It feels good to give back, and at the MiiR flagship, you can give back while indulging in a space built for Coffee, Beer and Gear. How? 5% of their revenue annually is given to different projects around the world with focuses like clean water, education, and bicycle donation. Take a glance at your cup — it’s stamped with a proclamation that your drink gives “clean water to one person in need for the day,” offering a quiet reminder to stop for a moment and reflect through the next sip.

MiiR is environmentally conscious in all aspects, and the environment inside the flagship store is just as thoroughly thought out. Simple but focused on the details, the shop is designed to embrace a social atmosphere of collective gathering and stands as a neighborhood hub for commuters of all kinds.

Each exquisitely crafted drink is forged as vigilantly as MiiR’s forever-lasting products. The coffee here is fierce and smooth. MiiR serves Counter Culture Coffee, which focuses on sourcing from the best farmers while also featuring guest roasters through different seasons.

Check the gear section and toss your next Americano in one of MiiR’s insulated Pint Cups. When your coffee fix is filled, snag a stainless steel Tallboy to fill up with craft beer — a wide selection of rotating brews are available at the pull of a lever. The well-known leakproof growler is a must, and you can fill it to the brim with a seasonal from local Fremont Brewing if you’re on the go.

If you need more of a reason to invest in one of MiiR’s drinking vessels, then know that with any purchase of a bottle, cup, or growler, MiiR gives a donation of access to clean drinking water to one person in need for a full year. That’s right, you’ll be helping someone receive an entire year of clean water while you walk away with an essential that will become a daily staple to your daypack.

MiiR is a company based on all the best principles. So go back to give back, all while filling up on coffee, beer, and gear that provide you with the feeling that you helped MiiR make an impact for the day — and the future.


MiiR specializes in some of the best hardware in the bizz, stock up on canteens, growlers and other gear to cater your future adventures.

Every product and beverage purchased at MiiR Flagship funds trackable giving projects

Roasters and Craft beers are always changing to keep you on your feet offering the best of the best

Be on the look our for next level community events and become a MiiR advocate yourself