Ace Hotel Seattle


The Ace Hotel Seattle is a simplistic hotel offering inspiring spaces such as comfortable rooms and a shared kitchen.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

When the Space Needle opened in Seattle in 1962, it symbolized the future and represented humanity’s interest in exploring a place of unknown – space. This rotating icon of the Seattle landscape inspired the city and its citizens to lead in innovation, so that today, the city is among the best places to find the brightest minds living, working, and visiting.

And while it may be a simple hotel in some senses, the décor is anything but.

The Space Needle represented our gaze toward the future, and it is without a doubt that the hospitality industry in Seattle has done the same. The Ace Hotel brand has been innovative across the United States, pushing the hotel industry onto new paths, and it started here at their Seattle property.

Where some hotels have become places of overwhelming services and amenities with cold atmospheres, Ace Hotel Seattle is bringing back the old notions of hospitality and transforming it to fit the present and future traveler.

Go onto their website, and you’ll notice the simplicity of Ace Hotel Seattle. There are rooms, a kitchen, and a small shop – and that’s it. They’ve condensed their hotel to three elements, allowing more care and attention to go toward the things that matter most to a traveler.

And while it may be a simple hotel in some senses, the décor is anything but. Exposed brick and wood paneled walls add texture to the rooms which feature comforting tones of blue, brown, and white, and top-notch locally-made or vintage furniture. Everything from the Native-inspired print blankets to the free Wi-Fi, minibars, Pearl+ soap, Rudy’s Hair products, and original art were combined to offer travelers a space to relax their body and mind and focus on their present and future.

How can innovation happen without interaction? It can’t. Ace Hotel Seattle remedies this with shared spaces like shared bathrooms for some rooms and shared kitchens where guests make their own fresh breakfast of waffles, juice, and Stumptown coffee. The brightly-lit dining area’s white walls and plants create an environment where travelers begin eating as strangers and end their meal with new friends, new ideas, and new inspirations.

True, Ace Hotel Seattle is a simple place that lacks the inspiring magnitude of the Space Needle. But in caring for its guests’ basic needs and offering them spaces to think, create, and act, they’ve become the kind of hotel where the everyday man can live in the moment and look to the future.


Welcome to where it all began for The Ace, this was the first location of sought after shelter

Set in a former maritime workers lodging building, The Ace Hotel is a crisp and warm stay with an easy trek to Pike Place Market

Choose your style of room between Budget featuring minimalist notes and shared bathrooms, or upgraded to private Delux Room with a view of the Puget Sound

Mosey down to Emmet Watson’s Oyster bar for some fresh oysters and a cold Old Seattle Lager