Hotel Max


This downtown hotel offers an exciting shelter and home away from home for art & music lovers of all kinds. Works from iconic local photographers adorn the walls embracing Seattle's infamous music scene. Complimentary spoils include loaner bikes and craft beer hours, as well as locally brewed coffee in the morning — rock on.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Seattle — widely known for its legendary music past and present — now matches that reputation with some of the most sought-after eats and drinks in the nation. This city is also notorious for the rainy weather that keeps the PNW so fresh and vibrant, and finding shelter here is as important as a finely tuned guitar was to Hendrix himself.

Hotel Max is a stylish shelter and the best setting for any stay in the Emerald City for art lovers, passionate musicians, and other creative minds looking for a fresh reset. Check into the floor that has a turntable in every room and let the vinyl from Sub Pop Records set the tone to your Seattle stay. Need some creative space for a photoshoot? Ask for the artists’ loft and get inspired. The hotel is an easy trek to Pike Place and Capitol Hill making Max a perfect post-up for CYTIES staples like Métier Racing Coffee and Canon.

Any day at Hotel Max should be concluded at Miller’s Guild, one of Seattle’s top-rated restaurants. Inspired by craftsmen and workers coming from around the globe to work in the forests and mills of Washington State, the menu is centered around a wood-fire flame that will knock the day’s dampness off your neck while warming the soul with a bite from James Beard-award-winning chef Jason Wilson — this guy’s a badass. The Northwest pride is detailed all the way down to very furnishings, fashioned by local carpenters, metalworkers, and masons. Choose wisely on the menu and pair your selection with a Westland Manhattan to cap off a night.

The soundtrack of a perfect Seatown day exists in many forms. After a day of coffee sipping, oyster slurpin’, beer sampling, music stepping, and photo snapping on every epic corner of the city, make sure you head up to Kerry Park to catch the sunset over the skyline. And when the city begins to glow, look towards the massive neon sign of Max for the place to rest your head. Hotel Max will serve as your Seattle encore for as many stays as you desire through the seasons.


You’ll find a mini Sub Pop shop to pick up some killer merchandise reflecting Seattle’s well known record label

Jump on the free morning coffee to kickstart the day

Free daily craft beer hour featuring some of the city best local craft beers that are making waves all over the nation

Traveling with the crew? Check out the group rates — very accommodating.

“Get It Now” button is in the rooms, because sometimes you need to feel like a rockstar yourself and get two sunny side up eggs and a bottle of champagne at 4am

24-hour fitness center is available, to work off that aforementioned champagne indulgence