Thompson Seattle


Sophistication is the theme of the Thompson Seattle's contemporary design aesthetic. Rooms offer rainfall showers and floor to ceiling windows with panoramic city or sea views. Dine in Thompson's upscale restaurant Scout PNW or grab a cocktail at the rooftop bar The Nest for one of the best views of Pike Place Market.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Sanctuary is key in Seattle, because unless it’s the crisp clear summer months, you need to be prepared for a daily mist — it’s how the landscape stays so vibrant and wild. With a city that has so much to offer in new or old forms, by last call,  Seattle will send you tumbling like a Rolling Stone, truly understanding why Mick Jagger was so keen on the phrase “Gimmie Shelter.” And shelter, in the utmost sleek and modern form, is indeed what The Thompson Hotel does so damn well.

Located on Stewart and 1st, The Thompson stands sharply, reflecting Pike Place Market’s lights on it’s glass exoskeleton. From the moment of arrival and check in, the luxurious atmosphere pulls you into it’s inviting inception. The Thompson is confident in every piece of it’s practice, and the feeling of assured opulence is intoxicating to any man looking to take on the city for a few unforgettable evenings.  Contemporary minimalism fills the lobby and wafts through the hallways. Sophisticated rooms contain floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal views of Emerald City landmarks and ferries making wakes through the Puget Sound. Out the front door — so conveniently pulled open — is a minute walk to Pike Place Market. Gallivant around and prepare yourself for slurping of fresh oysters and sipping of crisp beers from vintage settings like Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar. From there, it’s an easy stroll to Pioneer Square for CYTIES staples like Damn the Weather and E. Smith Mercantile, these places never disappoint.

Music, it’s something Seattle is good at. So always check to see who is jammin’ at the Moore Theater right behind the hotel on 2nd Ave and Virginia St. The Moore is the oldest active theater in Seattle and has been rattled by greats like B.B. King, Pear Jam and Elliott Smith. You’d be surprised how many legendary acts top in randomly for a spur of the moment show.

Any day spent in Seattle, rain or shine, is one to remember. When the sun sets over the Olympic Mountains, and you still have room for one more, head up to the rooftop to The Nest. This top-shelf cocktail bar has inside lounges and outdoor fire pits so you can pair your Westland Whiskey with some fresh air and the one of the best views in the entire city. The Thompson is where restless and creative minds seek refuge — and trust us — with so much to dive into, Seattle nights  tend to be sleepless in the best kind of way. The shelter offered from the Thompson Hotel reigns supreme, and a stay in the culture of the great city of Seattle will make anyone what Eddie Vedder  claims — “a better man.”



Amenities are found in many forms with modern wall art, stocked minibars, flat-screens and free Wi-Fi, as well as rainfall showers to refresh after long travel

Take full advantage of the overnight boot shine, by the time you wake up your trusty pair will be delivered to your door and ready to step into Seattle

Farm to table restaurant Scout PNW inspires a sense of discovery with every bite — a great place for a delicious rendezvous

Head up to The Nest for a plush cocktail haven roaring fireplaces and city views