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This store offers the essentials to enhance a Northwest style while staying true to the importance of form and function against the elements. Cool and cozy within, cruise through Freeman's selection of denim, jackets, flannels and tee's to help keep you sharp on all your endless PNW adventures.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Freeman started with a dedicated task: making the absolute perfect raincoat by sourcing the materials native to Seattle. Holding onto the passion behind this idea has kept the team strong through any storms they faced while navigating forward. Located in the historic Loveless Building, Freeman has opened a brick-and-mortar location that’s dedicated to like-minded brands, all built domestically in the United States.

The front door contains an age-old stained-glass piece featuring a ship battling the sea, a token of the voyage Freeman has endured to become a staple of the city. Entering the shop feels like you’re walking into an old Northwest beach house, and all forms of items you need to stay sharp and sophisticated can be found inside.

because just like a ship at sea, life is full of expeditions

Freeman specializes in outdoor coats in a variety of featured styles. Coats like the Channel Jacket are classic and effortless while also ready to withstand a chill wind or sporadic rain shower, protection you need in the great Northwest. Denim from Rail Car fine goods is lined next to Chukka boots and PF Flyers to tie together any outfit. And if you’re the kind of guy with a backpack on, load up tons of goods from travel patches to journals to incense.

Velva Sheen T-shirts inspired by sportswear in the ’60s and ’70s are perfectly crafted and rolled up in a retro-inspired packaging, ready to toss in a pack if you’re on the move and headed out to the San Juan Islands. Our Cyties pick-up? A felt Oxford Seattle pennant to toss up on any wall to say you’ve been there or to brag that it’s your home.

Return to Freeman to stock up and see what’s new and available; it will help you form your own individual look to take on what’s ahead — because just like a ship at sea, life is full of expeditions. Freeman’s commitment to the goal of offering the best in high-quality goods shows their ship has set a firm course for its customers.


Denim Selection through these doors is top notch, find the right pair to last a lifetime

Grab a Velva Sheen rolled tee, these are hard to find and so clutch for any traveler

Fan of reppin’ where you’ve been? Snag some patches to toss on your travel pack

This is the coat you’ve been waiting to find, our favorite is the Channel Jacket. Toss it on to fend off any Seattle winters and look sharp while battling the elements