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Here lies a trendy café serving house-brand artisanal coffee in a sleek space. On a corner in Silverlake under a white brick awning, and underneath a tattooed wall of graffiti, La Colombe is a fan favorite to this hip, always evolving hood.


BY: Jeanie Lazaris Contributing writer

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the fast pace glow of Los Angeles. California is a character in its own movie, famous for its laid-back lifestyle, but that myth seems practically unattainable in a city where distance is measured in time, and just one miscalculation could have you missing your favorite band at The Echoplex. Every now and then, you need to slow down to speed back up. Next time you’re in Silver Lake, take a sharp turn into La Colombe Coffee Roasters to give your engine a pit stop.

Step through the brick archway of La Colombe to leave the traffic in your rear-view. This is a spot where you can enjoy the L.A. vibe without the hustle or pretension. It’s the perfect place to sit back and relax with one of the subtler pleasures in life: a bold cup of coffee with a Silver Lake backdrop.

and if you want a made-to-order pourover, they’ve got you on an assist, like Magic.

While the aroma of freshly roasted beans permeates the air at La Colombe, the beer-style taps dispensing their signature Cold Draft Latte with a heavy froth lead to more of a coffee “bar” vibe than a traditional coffee “house” feel. This caffeine vice is the brainchild of owners Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti, it’s a chilled beverage that is expertly crafted with Nizzo espresso and hormone-free milk. If anything, it proves that these gents take serious pride in how they prepare your morning fuel.

Available in-house on tap or to go in a can, this brew is just one of many ways that La Colombe is setting the bar very high for the future of the coffee industry. And don’t worry – you can still get your coffee-house favorites. Cappuccinos, macchiatos, and old-fashioned drips are all on the catalog, and if you want a made-to-order pourover, they’ve got you on an assist, like Magic.

True to L.A. standards, La Colombe uses nothing but the best natural ingredients. Beans are not only single-origin sourced but expertly roasted, reflecting the decades of experience, research, and training that goes into every cup of coffee.

The graffiti-styled mural adorning the exterior is true to form for Silver Lake, where a hefty blend of history, art, and culture shape the urban landscape. Housed in a low-lying brick-faced building, it’s surrounded by a neighborhood of street art, unique eateries, and vintage shops. The inside is industry-modern with a mix of sleek, modern lines and exposed brickwork.

The drop-globe-style lighting and wooden-block stools create a casual atmosphere ideal for grabbing a quick coffee and a pastry on your way to work or for catching up with the squad. For a small spot, there is plentiful seating, especially outside, where you can relish in L.A.’s unmatched year-round weather.

La Colombe is a necessity for coffee lovers who want to know the future of the industry before it happens – and what better way to get in on the action than sitting on a street corner in one of L.A.’s raddest hoods?

(Though this location is our favorite, La Colombe has a few more gems in LA. For a more industrial vibe, head to the Frogtown digs)


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