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Buck Mason is an American men's clothing brand focused on timeless pieces. The brands brick and mortar retail locations are a treasure trove of classics that range from "butter soft tees" to denim and outerwear that age with perfection. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

There is a name in Los Angeles circulated from one man to another over a whiskey neat and through the callused grip of a working man’s handshake. Its reputation flows as wild as the Santa Ana winds on an 80-degree night. This name has come crumbling through the sidewalks of west-coast menswear like the expanding roots of an elder native white oak tree. The name is never loud, always honest and timeless. This name is Buck Mason.

Buck Mason’s signature style echoes the classic cars that can be found along SoCal’s palm-lined asphalt streets. Like the frame of a classic white Chevelle that will never rust in LA, the basics from Buck Mason are in mint condition. There is something distinctly American about a simple white tee that fits with absolute perfection. It’s a heritage look that has no expiration, and when pulled off right, it represents a man that isn’t afraid to pick up a Gibson guitar or throw the woman of his dreams on the back of a Triumph and head to Joshua Tree to sleep under the stars.

In this case, home doesn’t have to be a specific place; it’s more of a particular feeling of contentment within the soul, where a man’s memoirs are filed like a vinyl collection.

This same notion is available in Pima or Slub tees in the only color scheme a man really needs. Pick up the Venice wash style to instantly attain a worn-in look that mimics a decade of hanging tees on the nose of a surfboard in the salt-infused wind. The denim is top notch and made to be worn in, so put in the work and don’t forget that every aged crease is a jeans tattoo.

Layer your collection with one of their simple oxfords or Henleys, and you’ll quickly find no need for any extra hangers in your closet. If the breeze is thick, toss on the cotton Traveler Sweater. This one reminds us of Ernest Hemingway hooking tight lines off the Cuban coast while steering Pilar, his beloved fishing rig. With this pullover to shield you from the elements, you can focus the day on the same things Hemingway found important: rum and fresh bait.

Buck Mason’s Bruiser Moto Jacket for a bold statement that lasts for generations. Toss on one of the collabs they did with Stetson, and you’re literally set for life. All you need is an unstoppable soundtrack to throw on the speakers and some trunk space for your looks in that white Chevelle, then you can hit the road for an adventure through those California mountains and yonder.

But like any memorable road trip full of dusty tires, written reflections, and memories that feel like Polaroid pictures, there comes a time to return home. In this case, home doesn’t have to be a specific place; it’s more of a particular feeling of contentment within the soul, where a man’s memoirs are filed like a vinyl collection. The garments from Buck Mason make cool effortless, and the subtle classic heartland look is something similar to that feeling of a home. It’s with you wherever you go, and you can return to it for the rest of your life.


One man can never have enough classic white tees, just ask Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen or Paul Newman

Raglan Sweatshirt will be with you for life, add in the Slim Jean 12 Month Wash — you’re set

The Stetson Collab wall is truly a thing of beauty

Try on the Bruiser Moto Jacket to knock your style up a notch, jackets like this are worth the price tag