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Butterscotch LBC

Wed - Sat: 12pm - 7pm
  • Wed - Sat: 12pm - 7pm
  • Sun: 12pm - 5pm
  • Mon - Tues: Closed

Whether you're pounding the pavement on two feet or two wheels, Butterscotch will hook you up. Where classic moto gear meets carefully crafted streetwear, this Long Beach shop is worth the ride from LA.


BY: Pete Whish Contributing writer

What is in a name? Work ethic, character, nostalgia, a tribute, and in this case pudding (just wait). Butterscotch is an outpost for two-wheeled fanatics looking to upgrade their gear on and off of their mean machines.

No matter what you gravitate towards in the shop, all of the items share the common bond of being built to last.

Calling Long Beach’s East Village home, Butterscotch sits on the ground floor of a tree-lined street found in what is a true LA rarity – a walkable neighborhood. Butterscotch’s owner, Tommy, has not only amassed a collection of killer menswear brands, but is a one-man wrecking crew who; built the interior of the shop from the ground up, designs all of the Butterscotch branded gear, and is usually manning the cash—after parking his restored bike outside, of course.

Though the shop has a moto-centric feel, the brands offered go far beyond. No matter what you gravitate towards in the shop, all of the items share the common bond of being built to last. The shop is lined with gear that is well crafted, builds character as it ages, and tags along on all of your future road trips. At the very least, stay for a coffee and stock up on the shop-designed Butterscotch Tees. The tastefully designed logo and text have the nostalgic feel of a vintage find but are tailored to the modern man.

The attention to detail in their pieces is clear to see in Butterscotch’s collab with Left Field NYC’s Vanson-made Moto Jacket. By adding a dash of West Coast swagger, this Hawaiian print-lined jacket is a grail worthy piece that may contain magical powers that take those who wear it to a Brando-level of cool. The embossed Butterscotch logo on the interior of the jacket represents the official stamp of approval.

And finally, the name. Butterscotch is an ode to shop owner, Tommy’s father. A man who taught the value of hard work, the importance of creating with your own hands and actually built their childhood home. After putting in work, whether it be building a house, or designing a limited run of shop tee’s, every man deserves a well-earned treat. In Tommy’s father’s case, it was the family recipe for butterscotch pudding.

And with every purchase at the shop, you’ll find a butterscotch candy in your bag; a simple nod to those who inspire.


Store owner Tommy is usually behind the helm. Sip on a coffee, strike up a convo, and get to know the man behind the shop 

It took blood sweat and tears to create Butterscotch — as the whole shop was built by Tommy himself — you can feel the hard work right when you step foot in this badass brick-and-mortar

If you chop it up on two wheels, check out the Nexx- X.G100 to protect your dome

Grab the shop tee to represent LBC in any neighborhood you find yourself in