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Rogue Collective

Tues - Wed: 12pm - 6pm
  • Tues - Wed: 12pm - 6pm
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When it comes to Los Angeles there are many roads you can take to get to your destination and most are filled with brake lights and the occasional celebrity sighting. But when you’re in DTLA’s Arts District there is a lifestyle space founded on the premise of locality, due diligence, and the pride behind promoting your own, this is The Rogue Collective.


BY: Ben Hitch Contributing writer

The Rogue Collective is by all definitions a collective, that is built on the framework of all things being local with a tiny asterisk. The brands and products don’t necessarily have to be local to LA or California, but the products have to be localish to the respective brand and always sustainably produced and ethically sourced. Rogue’s own apparel line is made right in the “backyard” of the DTLA’s Arts District brick and mortar. And this speaks further to the surrounding proximity of DTLA and the apparel industry as a whole with multi-generational textile distributors, dye houses, and production facilities holding ground against the new residential and commercial development revolution. 

The brands and decor live in symbiosis from corner to corner with a perfect crease falling from each hanger.

From the sidewalk, massive industrial beams and pillars up against dated brick walls continue to breathe life into The Rogue Collective while paying homage to the addresses’ former days. The moment you walk through the front door you can feel the passion that went into the craftsmanship of every piece within the former music hall. And where most shops these days are curated specifically to one or the other gender, Rogue is slated to dial in all walks of life and especially those who understand and appreciate the quality of sustainably produced and ethically sourced goods. You should expect to find threads from Skid Row Apparel, Shades of Black, Youth to the People, and of course, Rogue Co. 

The foundation from which Rogue Collective calls home dates back to 1905 and the American Hotel. And as the U.S. continued to evolve eventually the ground floor came to be Al’s Bar, a famous music spot where the likes of Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, David Bowie, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers rocked the stage. That stage is located in the second room of the space and is now home to various brands of The Rogue Collective. The space is filled with curated pieces from Rogue Co (Rogue Collective’s own brand) along with 45 other similarly minded and styled brands. The brands and decor live in symbiosis from corner to corner with a perfect crease falling from each hanger. And with each brand and piece, the reiterations of how special Rogue Collective is as the offering delicately dissects the passion of its proprietor and in the end, proves to be a much more tailored experience for anyone that walks through the door.

This isn’t Rogue One, this is The Rogue Collective. 


If you’re not in LA, keep an eye on their site for exclusive deals

Al’s Bar was the west coast equivalent of the CBGB

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Rogue Collective shares the space with Commonwealth Proper