Los Angeles


time Everyday: 11am - 7pm

WITTMORE is a modern and approachable lifestyle shop with two locations in Los Angeles. The store offers clean, smartly edited clothing, accessories and grooming supplies from brands with a global perspective. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

The first time we found Wittmore, it was a simple but beautifully structured pop-up men’s shop. Just a few years later, Wittmore has grown to two locations in Los Angeles, and sets the bar for timeless design.

Visually, the store showcases an artistically selected set of must-have shirts, denim, outerwear, and endless unique accessories that range from sunglasses to pottery. With over sixty featured brands, founder Paul C. Witt carefully selects the undiscovered and displays his choice items in a layout that keeps you hypnotized through the shop’s open space.  It’s clear Wittmore pushes boundaries of style respectably while maintaining a sophisticated sensibility. Our CYTIES pickup? The DSPTCH Daypack, perfect for your next Los Angeles adventure.

Head to the Arts District location for takeover parties highlighting the unique brands, and you might find yourself enjoying a cold beer while indigo tye-dying crisp tees. Closer to the Westside? Then stop in the original 3rd Street location to gaze at the new arrivals and zone out to the tunes of Deerhunter. Step into the world of Wittmore, and the rest will be (a very stylish) history.


WITTMORE showcases the sensibility, personal style, and marketplace knowledge of its founder, Paul C Witt, a big name in the fashion world 

The accessories in the shop are next level, from sunglasses, to hats, to socks, to eclectic home goods to reflect a design state of mind

The store is constantly featuring cool art exhibits along the walls, stay up on what artist is featured for the month

Each location has a unique personality, 3rd street more intimate, the Arts District location is wide open and airy