San Diego

Moniker General

Sun - Thurs: 7am - 10pm
  • Sun - Thurs: 7am - 10pm
  • Fri - Sat: 7am - 11pm

Moniker General is spacious lifestyle and home goods shop serving craft beer, cocktails, and specialty coffee. Located in the Liberty Station area of San Diego, their location makes them a prime target to come in and stay a while. With choice men’s brands in store, bold coffee and tasty cocktails, this shop will easily top your favorites list of places to kick it.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

In the good ol’ days, when you earned a striking nickname, it was referred to as a “moniker.” Being named after this word seems fitting, as the bold reputation of this unified concept space ripples through San Diego. This store is assembled inside old naval barracks from World War II in what is now known as Liberty Station. Look for the mark of M.G. and head on into any of the large open doors to be greeted by a communal atmosphere of lifestyle goods, custom furniture, and craft coffee and beer, all incorporated in this one location.

After you’ve stocked up on some new gear, grab a craft cocktail from Bar Moniker

Inside is a unifying ambiance of provocative thought and creative inspiration. Stay sharp with a cold brew from Moniker Coffee that pours and crafts coffee concoctions from different roasters each month. Opposite of the sounds of the espresso machine and displayed in a minimalist yet distinguished setting is Moniker’s choice goods. The selection of brands is dedicated to people they believe in and products that matter, ranging from bicycle bags to surfboards, raw denim to candles, knits to sunglasses, and books to leather goods. The large assortment is patterned from corner to corner, but Moniker General still feels wide open and free as the California air that gusts throughout, and that’s where their unmatchable aesthetic triumphs. After you’ve stocked up on some new gear, grab a craft cocktail from Bar Moniker and spark some conversation with the specialists behind the counter. Grab your drink and kick back on the Moniker Made tufted leather couch tucked away in a closed-off nook aimed at a flat screen for some game time viewing.

What has been created here came from a very precise vision. The result is a location that you will habitually return to, developing your own “Moniker” as a devoted regular in a community space shared with quality products that represent passionate hard-working people.


Our choice brands at MG: Bradley Mountain, Topo Designs, and Lone Flag

With a great coffee program, we encourage you to start your morning here

They’ve got a full bar, belly up and dive into their cocktail list

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