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Snake Oil Provisions

Mon - Sat: 11am - 7pm
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The Snake Oil Provision team may have been put on this Earth to let you know that you can pull off snakeskin boots. Yes, you. This Long Beach menswear mecca is proof that it won’t take a full overhaul to take your wardrobe to the next level.


BY: Pete Whish Contributing writer

The spacious shop feels like a clubhouse for grown-ups. Snake Oil Provisions is the kind of shop that you would be happy to spend an entire day sifting through the racks or simply hanging out just to see who will walk in the front door – oh hey, Colin Hanks (shameless name drop).

Every surface features intricately placed trinkets and accessories, such as the James Brand Country Folding Knife. These curated treasures feel like the prized possessions that you hid from your parents underneath the loose floorboard of your childhood clubhouse. These are the things that are meant to be cherished. Fortunately, they are hand-crafted to last a lifetime, whether you decide to cherish or beat the living shit out of your purchase.

Even the slightest dash of Snake Oil Provision-approved gear will inject some boho-biker style into your Toyota Prius veins.

Many of the clothes that line the racks at Snake Oil Provisions look as if they were stolen from the set of Easy Rider. The bohemian 60’s biker vibe is in full effect and it’s fantastic. Navajo print cardigan, japanese denim and of course, snake skin boots.

Whether you are in the market for a statement piece, or a simple wardrobe staple, the theme that hold true with items in the the shop is quality. If you aren’t accustomed to dropping a couple Benjamins on a new pair of jeans, fear not, the carefully selected brands in-house fall into the category of investment pieces. Why buy a new pair of jeans every year? A single pair of Rogue Territory Heavyweights can tag along on every adventure, withstand every barbeque sauce stain and age gracefully over the next several years. Just don’t get jealous if the jeans age more gracefully than you – but you need to come to the realization that this will likely happen.

Let the team behind Snake Oil Provisions be the compass on your journey towards landing somewhere between Hopper and Fonda a la Easy Rider. The selection available at the shop represents a cross-section of owner Ben’s closet and personal style. If you think that you can’t pull off snakeskin boots or a sterling silver feather cuff bracelet at the very least, just dip your toe in. Even the slightest dash of Snake Oil Provision-approved gear will inject some boho-biker style into your Toyota Prius veins.


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