A Toast to the Traveling Roast


  • March 27, 2020
  • Tips
  • By: Ben Hitch

It doesn’t matter if you have time in your day to head out and grab some beans because you can’t… well, we’re all being asked not to. But let us reintroduce you to the longstanding tradition of subscription-based mail and the luxury of having coffee beans arrive at your front door. You can choose the frequency, whole beans or ground, dark, medium or light, and even better, try roasters from around the country. Be smart and stay home, let the beans come to you while helping out one of the little guys while WE ALL embark on a new way of life.

Coava Coffee Roasters

Roasted in Portland, OR, Coava Coffee Roasters has become a name to know in the home kitchen brew world… they have 5 locations as well. Outside of Portland or San Diego, you’ll have to subscribe to the bean but what a great subscription it is. Choose from Classics, Seasonal, or Unique roasts arriving bi-weekly or monthly with the added bonus that the online ordering process is determined by your favorite sweater type. Coava wants you to enjoy their coffee deliciously, and after you choose your bean, shipping is free.


James Coffee

When it comes to James Coffee, know James strives to instill in you a confidence that the conclusion of your coffee’s journey will be a fantastic cup. The locations are usually lined with motorcycles out front, and there always tends to be a classic movie playing in silence somewhere in the shop. But James’ subscription is the Great Horned of the Strigiformes. We highly recommend the Peter McKinnon Golden Hour Blend, don’t know who Mr. McKinnon is? Then you obviously don’t Fly the Flag. There are options of over six different roasts and a few package deals, if coffee truly is your fuel, James will deliver weekly. 


Revelator Coffee Company

From the great state of Alabama comes Revelator Coffee and a brand that reflects and serves the local community, emphasizing both quality and simplicity. The inhouse experience certainly compliments the fantastic cup of coffee, but sitting at home after delivery of the Revelator subscription, your taste buds are on the elevator to heights untraveled. Choose your roast or live on the edge and go with the Team Pick, but know when the doorbell rings, your coffee game just got a whole lot better.


Common Room Roasters

Born in Melbourne and roasted in California has bred the uniquely delicious beans of Common Room Roasters. A dedicated barista training lab and cupping room set them apart from other cafes and roasters in the area, but when it comes to the monthly subscription, it’s as easy as saying 1, 2, or 4. The delivery will be a roaster’s choice, so you expect a new flavor to arrive every month. And a word to the wise, make the effort to order the whole bean and grind per cup.


Sightglass Coffee

It’s quite simple really, “You Pick It, We Ship It, You Brew It” or at least that’s how Sightglass plays ball. From California and sourced from Columbia, Sightglass is offering a tailored buffet of beans for a subscription. It arrives weekly or as little as every four weeks, and where others give you the option of multiple bags, Sightglass said nah, how about a five pounder. Sightglass wants you to enjoy their coffee from home, wearing your robe, and that’s why they offer seven different grind options… the cold brew is top-notch


Merit Coffee Co.

Let’s head down to good ol’ San Antonio, or shall we say San Antonio is heading up to you. Sure, it’s mainly known for one of the greatest NBA franchises, Big Red (if you haven’t tried this you’re missing out), The River Walk, and a Rodeo, but their coffee game is on point. Next time you cruise through the Alamo city (we promise, travel will happen again one day, damnit!), check out our San Antonio Coffee Guide. In the meantime, have Merit send you their roast, it’ll be the kickstart your day needs to organize that closet that you’ve sealed shut, start the novel that you’ve been putting off, or rip through an at-home morning workout.


Parlor Coffee

If you’ve been to Parlor Coffee’s operation in Brooklyn, you will quickly understand the meticulous detail that goes into all their roasts. The team’s approach is both “fastidiously scientific and instinct-driven.” In other words, every bag that is shipped out of the roastery contains a very complex and tireless journey from the origin, to the hands of the roaster, and then to you. Parlor set’s the bar when it comes to sourcing the finest coffee around the globe. Single origins and blends can arrive monthly or weekly depending on your intake. They are roasting as you read this very sentence, working to keep Brooklyn and beyond stocked with the most exceptional coffee with bold character. 


 Huckleberry Roasters

You’ll find Huckleberry in the Mile High, a socially conscious operation that makes one hell of a roast in one of the most eye-catching bags on the market. Huckleberry started in a garage and has grown into a powerhouse on the coffee scene when it comes to micro-farm sourcing. Choose between classic or more adventurous picks, with an array of single origin, blends, or decaf that arrive at your front door every fourteen or thirty days, Doc Holiday would be proud




If you’ve got leftover joe, bottle it and throw it in the fridge for an afternoon delight

There are 35,616 coffee shops in the U.S.

Cupping is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee

A coffee plant can live up to 100 years